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Seabourn – Exceeding Your Expectations

Today I received the kind of email that I love to receive.  It was from a client who has just returned from the Seabourn Legend.  It speaks for itself:

[We] returned from our cruise late yesterday afternoon. Before the flurry of laundry and returning to our real lives commences, I wanted to take some time and drop you a line.

As promised, this truly was the most wonderful experience we could ever have imagined. From the moment we were dropped at the gate, we were completely pampered. The food was extraordinary, the services were beyond perfect, the people were wonderful!!!

We did renew our wedding vows on Tuesday evening. The Captain officiated. David E. Green and many others worked so very hard to make it a truly memorable experience for Ed and I. They decorated the whole lounge! There was an aisle for us to walk down,lined with candles. There was a beautiful bouquet and other flowers, even a three tiered wedding cake. There was music and many pictures, as well as champagne! They did so very much for us and me being me, couldn’t stop crying. As simple and understated as our actual wedding was, this was over the top. It was beautiful and something that will remain in my memory forever! There simply aren’t words to thank everyone for all that they did.

After this joyous moment, we had the most wonderful dinner, ever! Moses, our waiter went so very far above and beyond to make this a truly special event for us. Again, how do you begin to thank all of these wonderful people for all that they did for us?

The entertainment was truly of “show quality”. Casey, David’s assistant is a very talented lady and Seabourn is so fortunate to have her. Sam also is a pro and as well as being so very gifted is a genuinely nice person and great dinner partner. Oh yes, David as the Dancing Queen was over the top fabulous!!!!!

I could go on and on but as some point I am sure that boredom will set in for you as I am sure that you have heard this many times before.

Please, if you could pass this note along to the Seabourn offices, I would so appreciate it. I have no idea who to send it do, but am sure that you do and coming from you, it will garner the proper notice.

Thank you so much for all that you did to make this possible. This was the experience of a lifetime. By the way, we did put a deposit on another wonderful adventure with you and Seabourn.

As I tell everyone who contacts me, my goal is to make your desires happen.  I think I can say we succeeded for this happy couple.

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