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Viking Cruises in Antarctica – Two Accidents – Not Good!

Accidents happen. They can be in on a European river, off the coast of Norway, or in Antarctica. But one has to pause when all of those are on one cruise line: Viking. I was withholding comment about last week’s asserted “rogue wave” accident causing one death and four injuries on the brand new 378

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Explora Journeys: A Class Operation + Pricing News

As you know, I have been impressed with Explora Journeys from the day I was contacted by Chris Austin, its Chief Sales Officer, right after he left Seabourn. He long had a vision and approach, not just of bringing the concept of having a resort/home at sea, but of finding criticisms constructive rather than an

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Hotels Are Coming to Sea. It Ain’t As Easy as It Seems!

Recently Four Seasons Hotels announced it was joining Ritz Carlton in what I call “Hotels Coming to Sea”, sailing in 2025. I have not hesitated in expressing my concerns, as those running cruise lines have a much easier (and logical) ability to add hotel-related features than a hotel company has installing cruise line features and

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Goldring Travel’s 2022 Culinary & Cultural Cruise on the Windstar Star Legend – October 2, 2022 – Part VII (Going Full Culinary & Cultural!)

Our next day was a Sea Day and, thus, the perfect time for a Private Wine Experience in one of the Star Legend’s Owner’s Suites, which one of my guests generously donated for the event. Normally I would work with Executive Chef Joseph on the menu, but Windstar’s head of culinary operations was having no

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Seabourn’s Response to “Seabourn Cruise Line Has Been Sold!*”…And My Reply!

Earlier this week I wrote the article, “Seabourn Cruise Line Has Been Sold!*”.  The attorneys for Seabourn responded with threats of claims for “defamation, every claim available under securities laws, RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] violations, and the like” along with a  Cease and Desist Letter demanding – as they did when I

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Seabourn Cruise Line Has Been Sold!*

According to the Saudi Tourism Authority, Seabourn Cruise Line has been sold to the Saudis. The people I spoke with were definite and quite excited. They, in fact, emphasized the point by placing their fingers on a map of Saudi and stating, “Do you think we are building these two new cruise ports for no

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Ritz Carlton’s Evrima Continues to Encounter Rough Seas (Ugh!)

It appears that rough seas are continuing for Ritz Carlton’s Evrima, albeit at least now she is finally sailing.  It is painfully obvious that Ritz Carlton is aware of the situation as the expected celebratory photos and press releases haven’t been forthcoming. The Points Guy has published an article, that while trying to be kind,

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Goldring Travel’s 2022 Culinary & Cultural Cruise on the Windstar Star Legend – October 2, 2022 – Part VI (Windstar Private Cooking Demonstration and a Change in Course)

Our Culinary & Cultural Cruise on Windstar’s Star Legend continues, but with a change. Due to unforeseen construction issues, the Corinth Canal was closed early so our transiting the canal was cancelled and that required a significant change to our itinerary. But, at least for me, it was actually a big improvement! When traveling flexibility

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