Goldring Travel’s 2019 Culinary & Cultural Cruise -Part VIII (Bremerhaven and The Kiel Canal, Germany)

The Goldring Travel 2019 Culinary & Cultural Cruise on the Seabourn Ovation had one final Culinary Event the morning we transited the Kiel Canal.

Seabourn Ovation entering the lock as it exits the Kiel Canal

But before that we made a port call in Bremerhaven, Germany.  As I was not going to sit on a bus for 5 hours roundtrip to go to Hamburg, Germany or 4 hours roundtrip to go to Bremen, so I thought I would listen to the port lecture on my in-suite television.  I should have listened to the expert when he said there really isn’t much of anything in Bremerhaven.  I felt like I should explore a bit…and the allegedly every 15 minute shuttle that was more like every 40 minutes or longer took more time than I did in the town. I did visit the Emigration Museum, but I felt like it was a very sanitized “reality”. 

That being done, I had a lovely quiet dinner in Sushi with Handre, Seabourn’s most beloved cruise director chatting about pretty much anything but business. He is such a wonderful human being and kind soul.  (Should I mention Handre actually ate more than I did?  I was shocked and impressed!)

The next morning I was up early as we entered the Kiel Canal; too early, in fact.  Transiting a canal lock is, to my mind, like watching paint dry.  So I took a photograph and went back to bed for a bit.  It was then time for the final, if you can believe it, Goldring Travel Culinary Event:  Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and Caviar (and Scottish Smoked Salmon) on my balcony overlook the bow of the Seabourn Ovation. 

Ali, the Seabourn Ovation’s Food & Beverage Manager came up with a decadent, but delicious, idea:  Caviar wrapped in Scottish Smoked Salmon!

Aside from the food and drinks, the Kiel Canal is a beautiful and lazy day; seemingly a first for me as I always seem to have something going late into the day on my cruises…but not today!  After about two hours my guests slowly started to depart and it was time for me to relax…knowing I had nothing to plan for.  A quick German lunch in the Colonnade (a nice touch) and it was off to “my” hot tub on the bow before returning to my suite to pack (ugh).

At about 5:00 p.m. we entered the lock at the far end of the Kiel Canal and it was a pretty signal that the party was about over.

After the Officers on Deck feeding frenzy (I know many love the event, but…)

I hope Oliva Stearman, Assistant CD remembers me! Hahaha

it was time for one final cocktail hour at the Thomas Keller Bar with its excellent bartender, Hisham, (who took such great care of me and with a charming smile…and just a little swagger)

and a final Grill by Thomas Keller dinner with one of my guests:  Country Pate, Beef Consomme, and Veal Chop…Oh, and, of course, a Sundae!

We arrived into a rainy Copenhagen, Denmark and disembarked with many goodbyes.

And now to get working on the plans for the Goldring Travel 2020 Culinary & Cultural Cruise!

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