Goldring Travel will be experiencing Azamara Club Cruises’ Azamara Journey on its April 8, 2018 sailing from Singapore to Dubai.  Azamara Club Cruises focuses on wonderful itineraries – and have some of the most unique in the industry focusing on exotic ports and multiple overnight stays – and its ships offer everything from inside to oceanview to veranda staterooms as well as suites.  This provides great opportunity for those “travelers” to have great experiences while being sensitive to their budget.

This cruise, on the Azamara Journey is no exception.  Note not only the exotic ports, but the late night and overnight stays combined with relaxing days at sea; a great balance.  This is something fairly unique to Azamara Club Cruises which makes it very attractive for the true traveler and is especially good for those who, like me, love Night Markets, but also don’t want to be exhausted by the more typical “a new port every day” itineraries. 
SUN 8-APR Singapore, Singapore Embark 5:00 pm
MON 9-APR At Sea 
TUE 10-APR At Sea 
WED 11-APR Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) Docked 12:00 pm (Overnight)*
THU 12-APR Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) Docked (Overnight)*
FRI 13-APR Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) Docked 12:00 pm*
SAT 14-APR At Sea 
SUN 15-APR At Sea 
MON 16-APR Hambantota, Sri Lanka Docked 12:30 pm 9:00 pm (Late Night)
TUE 17-APR Colombo, Sri Lanka Docked 8:00 am 8:00 pm (Late Night)
WED 18-APR Kochi, India Docked 6:00 pm (Overnight)
THU 19-APR Kochi, India Docked 10:00 pm (Late Night)
FRI 20-APR At Sea
SAT 21-APR Mormugao, Goa, India Docked 7:30 am 3:00 pm
SUN 22-APR Mumbai, India Docked 8:00 am 6:00 pm
MON 23-APR At Sea
TUE 24-APR At Sea
WED 25-APR Dubai, United Arab Emirates Docked 5:00 pm (Overnight)
THU 26-APR Dubai, United Arab Emirates Debark

   * I am not thrilled about visiting Myanmar at the present time due to the very troubling conflict there.  It is my hope that either the situation changes or Azamara Club Cruises will alter its itinerary at the cruise approached.  If not, and as I have been to Myanmar previously, I do not intend on any in depth exploration.

This will not be my first time cruising with Azamara Club Cruises.  I sailed on the Azamara Quest in February 2015 from Bali, Indonesia to Osaka, Japan.  For a bit of background please read my article:  Azamara Club Cruises in Asia:  It is Amazing?  Reflections.  

Short version:  It was a well designed and delivered exotic itinerary and an extraordinary travel experience.  But it was prior to the extensive renovations to the ship and, especially, its suites.  I am looking forward to experiencing these upgrades as I found my Club Continent Suite quite comfortable before the renovations, but in need of some spiffing up.

But more importantly, I have been told that Azamara Club Cruises has been working hard on addressing the little things that were in need of a bit of polish and I am looking forward to finding out how it has progressed.  Improvements in the main dining room cuisine (the specialty restaurants already shined!), shore excursions and a few other items are now in place.

There remains some availability for this cruise, so if you would like to join me, please give me a call, drop me an email or message me on Facebook.

US: (877) 2GO-LUXURY (877-246-5898)
UK: 020 8133 3450
AUS: (07) 3102 4685
Everywhere Else: +1 530 562 9232