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Cruise Reviews

One of the most important things a travel professional can do is, well, TRAVEL.  It provides first hand experience and a critical eye that will assist you in creating the best travel experience for you.  I cannot tell you the number of my clients that have come to me “telling” me what they wanted to do and how (usually from reading an article or speaking with a friend) and then agreeing that my suggestions provided them with more of what they actual desire.

 I have written in detail about many of my journeys.  Peruse the dropdown menu or simply type the cruise line, ship, or location in the search bar (located in the upper righthand corner) for a wealth of information…and (hopefully) some enjoyable reading!  

I am confident that the descriptions and photographs will be a great resource for you and will encourage you to book your cruise, expedition, or land journey with Goldring Travel!

 (And don’t forget to also check out my Photos+ section too!)  



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