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Goldring Travel's Exclusive Seabourn Referral Program

I regularly get questions about Seabourn’s Referral Program. Whether it be something as simple as, “How do I get it?”, to “Does it apply to the cruise fare or an onboard credit?” to “What do you mean I cannot combine it with an American Express cruise benefit?” or simple nervousness as to if it has been applied, it seems to me that it can be more hassle than it can be worth. Add to that all those people that simply forgot to submit the coupon or accidentally threw out their one coupon per year allotment and it all becomes a bit much. Therefore…

Goldring Travel has created its own Goldring Travel Seabourn Referral Program . It’s terms are simple: Register a new client with me and when that person books their Seabourn cruise with me – and actually sails on that Seabourn cruise – you will receive a $250 credit per suite booked and sailed to be used on your next Seabourn cruise. The only other condition is that the person must not have ever sailed on Seabourn. And there is no annual limit to the number of referrals this applies to. Hint: If you have never sailed with Seabourn, you can register yourself! (One bit of fine print: If it is a double occupancy or more suite, all booked guests must be new to Seabourn.)

Please be aware that this is not the Seabourn referral program, so your referred friend will not receive an onboard credit; rather your referral will receive a direct discounted cruise fare! The amount of the discount depends – as it always has – on the cost of the cruise. In many instances the discount will be greater than the $250 credit given by Seabourn.

Now for the best part: Since this is independent of Seabourn, you can still use any Seabourn annual referral coupon you may have. So, if you have a referral coupon you can actually receive $500 in value: $250 from Goldring Travel and $250 from Seabourn! And your friend will receive Goldring Travel’s discount and the $250 onboard credit from Seabourn. Even better, our program is also combinable with the American Express Platinum/Centurion or Ensemble Travel amenities.

For those of my clients who have referred new clients to me, you are going to ask, “Does this program apply retroactively?” The answer is, “Yes and No”. Will I be giving out $250 credits? No. Have I have always included an additional discount in your cruise fare if you have referred someone to me? Yes. What I am trying to do is improve upon my way of showing my appreciation; not signaling that I have not reflected my appreciation for your loyalty in the past! 

This offer may be withdrawn at anytime.