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Seabourn’s Antarctica is On Sale…Seriously! (Take a LOOK at the December 19, 2019 Prices!!)

Sales are great and this is a great sale, but a good deal on something you actually don’t want or need isn’t a good value.  So before I get to the sale pricing…and the additional special pricing and added amenities Goldring Travel will give you…I want to talk about why you may need, not just want, a Seabourn Antarctica Experience.

Antarctica is a very special place for me.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I arranged my first journey there in 2018.  But it grabbed me from the moment I first saw it.  I was sitting in the Seabourn Quest’s Observation Lounge at about 5:30 a.m. looking out at pea soup thick fog.  And then…in an instant…the fog lifted and…Antarctica!

Last month I was in China and visited The Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors; two places on most people’s Bucket Lists.  But rather than going, “WOW!” I thought, “OK.  So are these incredible things that are monuments to human greatness or human tyranny?”  While some around me had emotional experiences, I didn’t.  I think, in part, because my journey to Antarctica grabbed my emotions and, to be sure, the emotions of every single person on the Seabourn Quest.

And then, when I returned to Antarctica in January 2019 it grabbed me again – as it did to everyone on the Seabourn Quest.  So with that, I am looking forward to returning to Antarctica a third time in December 2019 along with some of my clients…and, hopefully, you!

But the December 19, 2019 cruise is special because it not only journeys to Patagonia and Antarctica, it heads to South Georgia Island; a place I have wanted to visit for decades.  The Seabourn Quest stops in South Georgia Island for two days; a place considered to have some of the most abundant seabird habitats on earth with an estimate of over 30,000,000 breeding pairs. Six species of penguins, four species of albatross, numerous petrels (including burrowing), waterfowl, and more. Overall 31 different species of birds have been found to breed there. And, of course, fur and elephant seals…lots of seals.

The Sale and Goldring Travel’s Added Values & Amenities

Going on a 24 day cruise is never “inexpensive” and traveling to Antarctica adds to it, but…and it is a BIG but:

This December 19, 2019 sailing is truly On Sale!  Seabourn is offering a Veranda Guarantee (Seabourn picks the Veranda Suite) for only $13,999 per person + $975 in taxes (double occupancy). That is less than $600 a day…and that’s before all of the additional benefits and amenities you will receive booking with Goldring Travel!

Goldring Travel will sweeten Seabourn’s Sale by also providing you with:

  • Eve better pricing (I can’t publish the prices here) PLUS  
  • A generous Onboard Credit PLUS 
  • Your choice of an additional $150 Per Person Onboard Credit or an Ensemble Experience shore excursion (hosted by me) in Punta Arenas (Patagonia), Chile focused on the colorful history of the area and another colorful part of the area: The famous Pisco! PLUS 
  • An Ensemble Travel cocktail party onboard the Seabourn Quest.  

In addition, I will be holding a few extra special events onboard the Seabourn Quest including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • A Private Cocktail+ Party and 
  • A Private Special Event with Seabourn’s Executive Chef.
Did I mention I have been to Patagonia and Antarctica twice, so I can accurately and completely answer pretty much any question you may have and will be there with you to personally assist with you during the journey?

Some of Your Concerns

Over the past six years I have talked to many actual and potential guests about what compels them to, or keeps them from going to, Antarctica.  Let me talk about a few:

1. I’m concerned about crossing the Drake PassageThe myth is far worse than reality! I have crossed the Drake Passage four times and it has never been even close to an issue.  The seas were rougher on my cruise from Hong Kong to Taiwan and sailing the British Isles…oh, yes, and in the Caribbean. Yes, it is possible that the seas will be rough, but chances are it will not be and the Seabourn Quest (unlike most expedition ships) has a modern hull and excellent stabilizers.  Still concerned, be sure to book a mid-ship suite.

2. I don’t know if I am physically able to do it. – I have had guests well into their 80’s, with bad knees, needing canes, etc. and all have thoroughly enjoyed this Seabourn experience.  Some are thrilled to simply see Antarctica, spending hours on end in the Observation Lounge and/or on Deck 7 aft hanging with the Seabourn Ventures team.  Others want to set foot on Antarctica just one time (though zodiac rides are also going to happen, if desired). Yet others want to do as much as they can on a day-to-day basis and, believe it or not, they may see more than the folks that are walking everywhere. (One of my favorite things is to “just pull up a rock!”)  And, of course, there are those that I hear more than you might think saying, “I never thought I could do all of those landings.  I am so thrilled I gave it a try!”

3.  I’m just not that into penguins – There is so much more than penguins (though there are thousands of them!).  This is a true journey, starting in Santiago, Chile so you can enjoy a wine tasting tour on your way to the ship.  As you sail towards Patagonia you can visit the German enclaves near Puerto Montt, and the historical sites and local markets as we near Ushuaia, Argentina. And, of course, after the nature portion of the journey you can visit Punta del Este, Uruguay and then Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In addition to that, there is the majestic beauty of Antarctica that will simply take your breath away… if the whales, seals, penguins, albatross and other wildlife just isn’t enough.

4. It is a long time. – Yes, twenty four days can be a long time to be away, but you are actually combining up to four trips into one, so rather than taking two shorter trips take one longer one.  Trust me you won’t get bored!  What do I mean “up to four trips”: [Note:  An earlier version of this article erroneously had the reverse itinerary. My apologies.]

(1) You fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina to board the Seabourn Quest so you have the opportunity to experience its famous history and great food (meat!) and high quality wines as well as the beaches of Punta del Esta, Uruguay.
(2) You explore Antarctica and South Georgia Island.
(3) You cruise through Patagonia with its rich history, great food, Pisco, glaciers and more.
(4) You arrive in San Antonio, Chile, but will be flying out of Santiago, Chile, which provides a  great opportunity to spend a day enjoying a Chilean wine tasting tour on your way to the airport, if not an overnight in Santiago.

5.  It’s over the holidays. – For some this is truly a “deal breaker”, but for many – and I have heard this repeatedly – it is a great way to put form over substance.  If you have family and are concerned that they will be upset or that there is some sort of impropriety about being away for those one or two days of family gatherings (and, let’s face it, many of us give a sigh of relief when they are over!), my suggestion is to consider two options:  (1) Consider that this is one holiday over a period of how many decades that affords you an opportunity you probably will not ever have otherwise; and/or (2) Discuss it with your family as it is actually quite heartwarming to hear how many children enthusiastically encourage their parents to take advantage of the opportunity; knowing that it may well be fleeting.  In the end it is a personal choice, but having heard the stories, one I think worth considering beyond merely, “It’s over the holidays”.

One last point I would like to make:  On last year’s voyage I had three guests who made their second journey to Antarctica on the Seabourn Quest.  Yes, it is that compelling of a destination.  I have yet to hear anyone say, “Been There. Done That.” when it comes to this very special place.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss booking your own Seabourn Cruise to Antarctica or anywhere else, give me a call, drop me an email or send me a Facebook message!

US: (877) 2GO-LUXURY (877-246-5898)
UK: 020 8133 3450
AUS: (07) 3102 4685
Everywhere Else: +1 530 562 9232

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