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On It’s Way…Finally

The Clipper Pacific finally set sail from Tampa, Florida late on July 29th after completing numerous repairs. In addition to the failed steel plating being replaced, numerous other safety violations were addressed. The reports are that the crew was cooperative and they attended to many of the violations that were not required to be completed

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Clipper Pacific Is An Old Friend – My Introduction to Cruising

I was reading Cruise News Daily (a favorite of mine) this evening and discovered that the Clipper Pacific is the old Royal Caribbean Song of Norway. She is the first cruise ship I was ever on. An old girlfriend of mine, Kelly S., worked for a design firm in Coconut Grove, Florida (while I was

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Clipper Pacific Update: Cleared to Sail…Sort Of.

According to Newsday, the Clipper Pacific has as of about noon been cleared to sail…but not to Venezuela as contemplated. It is cleared to sail to Tampa, Florida so that permanent repairs can be made. As I had written yesterday, the temporary patch with cement and whatever else the ship might have done would never

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Clipper Pacific Update

It has been reported in the New York Times that “Commander Hitchen said that a temporary patch had been applied to a one-inch hole in the ship’s hull by its crew before it docked. “It’s a minor leak that could be handled by the pump, but any hole is of concern,” he said at a

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Clipper Cruise’s Clipper Pacific Ordered Held in Port

It was reported today that the Clipper Pacific, which had just arrived in New York Harbor from Greenland, is subject to an Order to remain in port while previously undisclosed and leaking “significant hull damage” is repaired and some of the 66 other violations are addressed. Any cruise line which knowingly has passengers board one

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