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Clipper Cruise’s Clipper Pacific Ordered Held in Port

It was reported today that the Clipper Pacific, which had just arrived in New York Harbor from Greenland, is subject to an Order to remain in port while previously undisclosed and leaking “significant hull damage” is repaired and some of the 66 other violations are addressed.

Any cruise line which knowingly has passengers board one of its ships, that is leaking through significant hull damage and has issues with damaged lifeboats, apparently insufficient life jackets and fire safety issues is one that is crossed off my list of ever booking a client on.

Safety issues on this particular cruise aside, such conduct indicates financial and crew problems which make things even more dangerous. I know many captains that simply would refuse to leave port and engineers that would walk off the ship rather than risk their licenses and reputation. I also know that any cruise line that doesn’t value (or cannot protect) its safety record is one that has more problems than I care to think about.

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