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Fathom Travel: A Tug At Your Heart and Your Head and An Experience for the Generations

A Fathom Travel Experience to the Dominican Republic or Cuba is different; different in ways that try to make you think about yourself and the world differently.  It is, in reality, a “holistic experience” presented through a team of “impact guides”, messaging, interactive workshop experiences (both subtle and “in your face”), sophisticated scavenger hunts, wine

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Cruise “Journalism” – Cruise Critic and Skift Articles on Seabourn and Fathom Feed Those Seeking Negativism…Not News

Note:  Immediately after originally posting this article, Dennis Schall, Skift News Editor, chose to engage in an infantile Twitter war with his first response being “@GoldringTravel nattering nabobs of negativism, not us.” and then, “@GoldringTravel I was just quoting you Spiro Agnew…”  Obviously when a publication immediately goes to infantile name-calling, it speaks volumes as

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fathom Impact Travel – Voluntourism: What is it? Why do it?

As you probably know I am a very enthusiastic proponent of the new startup cruise/travel company fathom, which is owned by Carnival Corp.  It’s operations consist of one cruise ship (the 684 passenger Adonia, which in its previous lives was an R-Ship and a P&O Ship) and various social impact projects; primarily in the Dominican

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fathom Cruises: A Great Way to Have a Great Time Doing Really Good Stuff!

Last week, during the Ensemble Travel Group International Conference, I had the opportunity to spend some time with the folks from fathom (small “f”); a little startup cruise line (ironically part of the huge Carnival Corp.) and found the that magic which has been missing terribly from the cruise industry has been found in fathom’s

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