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A Luxury Cruise: What is the “Industry Accepted Definition of ‘Luxury'”? Does One Exist?

iWith Seabourn Cruises having a major back-office shakeup, Crystal Cruises joining the “inclusive” cruise lines and Regent Seven Seas seemingly joining the premium/mass market lines with its segregation of luxury suites into Concierge (Regent’s term) and Second Class (my term)…and my having commented rather directly on each’s big move…someone fairly high up in the cruise

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Record Phone Calls for More Luxury Lines – What Does It Really Mean?

On the heels of Seabourn announcing its busiest days (based upon phone calls and/or bookings) on record, Regent Seven Seas made a similar announcement which is now followed by Crystal Cruises and Silversea…and Regent Seven Seas UK’s office.  This is a good news/bad news scenario. (Remember calls and bookings do not equal gross sales increases.)

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So You Waited For A Better Luxury Deal…And Now…

Bookings for luxury cruises this summer on Seabourn are tightening up and prices are rising.  Regent has recently announced the strongest bookings ever.  Oceania has quite a number of soldout sailings.  The discounts and incentives may have done their job…but for those of you that didn’t listen to me, you may be out of luck if

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Seabourn Odyssey – Dining Options

Seabourn has just posted a sort of update on the dining venues on the new Seabourn Odyssey.  I previously had mentioned them in my February 9, 2009 article Seabourn Odyssey – Some News About Public Spaces, but here is the latest and greatest: On Odyssey, The Restaurant will be open-seating, just as it is on

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Iamboatman’s Blog Provided Timely Information That Causes Silversea to Throw Out The Children (Program) To Keep the Luxury Bath Water

Last week I posted that Silversea was going to institute a Children’s Program ala Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Silversea is Robbing The (Regent Seven Seas’) Cradle. The information was not posted or confirmed anywhere else that I am aware of. At the time I said “Silversea is making a big mistake”. And I was, apparently,

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A Difference in Philosophy: The Yachts of Seabourn versus Regent Seven Seas

The internet is an interesting place.  A few days ago I posted my Seabourn Challenge:  a $1,000 guarantee that Seabourn provides a better overall cruise experience than Regent does.  Seabourn Challenge: $1,000 Guarantee. Now there is a rumor that Seabourn will honor the perks Regent gives to its frequent cruisers.   Not only is the rumor

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Head to Head Challenge: Seabourn Odyssey vs. Regent Seven Seas Navigator

Here is a great opportunity for those Regent loyalists to experience Seabourn in what is about as close to a head-to-head opportunity as possible. And Goldring Travel is going to guarantee you are going to find Seabourn to be a superior overall cruise experience. The terms of the challenge are simple: If you have sailed

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Seabourn Odyssey Update

It is only weeks until her Maiden Voyage and the Seabourn Odyssey has her name.  Above is a photo of her name ready to be hoisted and installed.    She is also getting her navigation mast put into place.  Many parts of a ship – even sections of a ship – are virtually completed somewhere other

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Is Silversea Just Shuffling Deck Chairs?

Silversea has announced today that on top of its 15% discount prepay option (and don’t tell me that is not a cry for cash) and the slashing of its prices while still sailing with significantly lower passenger counts, it is adding butler service to all of its suites. I immediately wondered, “Why?” and then “How?”

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