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Onboard Art Auctions – Payback Is A Bitch!

For years Park West has made huge profits on selling what I believe to be extremely overpriced “art” based upon pricing that is established through a “feeding frenzy” created onboard ships with novice “art collectors” running up prices on pieces they “just have to have”. Today I read that Park West has let 40% of

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Park West Art “Auctions” New Guarantee? Regent Come On Now!

The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch reported today that Park West Art Galleries announced it is markedly changing the way it does business…sort of.  It has put in place its “40-40-40 Guarantee”. Supposedly purchasers can obtain a refund within 40 days after receipt of the art work. The refund will cover the full purchase price,

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Piracy or Ignorance on the High Seas – Art Auctions

A few days ago I mentioned that Regent Seven Seas cruise line has removed the art auction discount from its Seven Seas Society past passenger program benefits. I do not know if it is coincidence (probably) or related, but there is a very interesting article today in the New York Times about cruise line, and

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