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What a Wonderful World (To Travel) – Happy Holidays from Goldring Travel

This has been quite a year for me, personally, and for Goldring Travel.

I have traveled from the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California to the beaches of Sardinia; wandered the streets of Rome and was among the first to cruise on the Seabourn Quest; relaxed in a beautiful villa in remote Turkey; took in much during the Global Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam; embraced the east coast of Canada and the United States on the Goldring Travel Food & Wine Cruise aboard the Seabourn Sojourn and in my special event at the New England Aquarium.

I have enjoyed my children’s growth and happiness (even during some trying times) as each blossomed and developed as either an incredible writer or computer whiz, while becoming more independent and self-assured.  One traveled to Europe this summer as part of a People to People Student Ambassador Program, then to a high tech course through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, then on to Washington, D.C., all the while snowboarding and computer gaming.  One spent the entire summer at camp in Vermont, learning to kayak and hiking and camping, but also becoming quite a compassionate young woman whose stories can make you cry or just think.

But even with this all of this great stuff I have encountered more negativity than I have in the past.  Some of it surely is based upon the worldwide economic problems.  But some of it is just an unhealthy approach to those things that are really wonderful. It has become so rampant that I even wrote a few articles on this, including one earlier this week.

In contrast, I find such peace and enjoyment with my children, but do you have any idea how many hours I have stayed up late just to schlep a bunch of kids from here to there?! I am enriched by my cultural experiences, but do you know many hours were spent sitting in an an airline’s economy seat?  I love my Goldring Travel business, but do you have any idea how many “discussions” I have had with cruise lines making sure you, my clients, are treated better?  It will never be “all” good, but I am truly blessed and can find no reason to complain.

So, at this time of the year when some are looking for gifts, parties, resolutions for the new year, and how next year is going to be better than this year…I look around me, reflect – think of the Jimmy Buffett lyric, “Some of its magic.  Some of its tragic.  But I have a good life all the same.” – and then I say, “What a Wonderful World!”

Happy Holidays from Goldring Travel!

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