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Cat Calls From The Cruise Critic Wannabes – Get Over Yourselves…Seriously

You know I am a huge critic of Cruise Critic and, honestly, since I stopped posting over there (Thank You!!!!) the board has devolved into little more than a catty obnoxious clique where actually very little of substance is ever discussed and, frankly, much of what is being discussed is, well, disgusting.

I cannot tell you the number of emails I am presently receiving worried if these obnoxious and cliquish people is what Seabourn is about. Thank heavens I know it is not. Those that are upset by this little, actually insignificant Cruise Critic clique, need to understand – these self-absorbed people make up much less than 0.5% of the Seabourn guest list.

Do the math: Most Seabourn cruises have no (zero) Cruise Critic posters. Some have 2 or 3. A few, such as a Crossing have maybe 6 or 8. Out of 100 suites, that is a very significant minority. Take those same numbers and put them on the Odyssey and these folks are essentially invisible to everyone…but themselves.

The most recent absurdity is over how people were dressed that were arriving for, or attending the, Maiden Voyage.  Who cares? Why?  The answer, which is going to piss ’em off, is that those obnoxious and insulting posters are almost exclusively “wannabes”.  (Notice I used green – envy.)

They wannabe able to afford the Maiden Voyage, but probably cannot afford it.  (And they weren’t considered for the Inaugural filled with the top brass of Carnival Corp. and Seabourn.  Some even had to falsely devolve sailing with Mr. Arison, Mr. Frank, Ms. Conover, etc. into being a junket rather than an honor.)

They wannabe able to fly in from their European home the same day, but they don’t own one and/or they are xenophobic Americans who forget that Seabourn  is an international cruise line with many non-US guests who consider flying within Europe similar to taking a bus (and who gets dressed up for that?).

They wannabe able to wear whatever the damn well please, but actually worry that someone who has anointed themselves the fashion police might realize that “the clothes actually don’t make the person”.

But the reality is that this specific VERY SMALL GROUP on Cruise Critic (most certainly not all who post or read Cruise Critic) tend to be the ones that book the lowest available suite at the highest discount…or they cannot afford to go (or simply will not go).   Read their posts and you will see they are the very same ones complaining that if Seabourn doesn’t give away the cruises to them – especially single suites – they are going to other cruise lines. They tend to sail for 7 days…maybe 14…once a year, possibly skipping a year hear or there.

The Seabourn demographic is changing to be younger, but one thing is clear:  There are many guests that cruise multiple times a year and do so for far longer than 7-14 days. 

Another things to keep in mind:  Everyone on Seabourn is treated exactly the same.  I have rarely heard anyone wanting to boast about who they are or what they are worth.  It tends to be exactly the opposite because, in a sophisticated world, it just doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you are respectful of the other person and friendly enough for the then situation.

So how did people dress on the Inaugural – for those that want to know?  With a few exceptions (there always are):  Elegantly or Country Club Casual.  After reading this post that you feel insulted you, “Do you now think my compliance with the expected dress code makes me a better person than the one that do not dress as well as me?”  Didn’t think so. 

Get the message?

Postscript: A Cruise Critic post (captioend Cruise Critic Dangers) on the Regent Board expressing the problems with rudeness and misinformation…and insignificance of Cruise Critic:  http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?s=0ebdcd2fdacacfe08d05103bf423f2d5&t=1016471

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