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Cruise “Journalism” – Cruise Critic and Skift Articles on Seabourn and Fathom Feed Those Seeking Negativism…Not News

Note:  Immediately after originally posting this article, Dennis Schall, Skift News Editor, chose to engage in an infantile Twitter war with his first response being “@GoldringTravel nattering nabobs of negativism, not us.” and then, “@GoldringTravel I was just quoting you Spiro Agnew…”  Obviously when a publication immediately goes to infantile name-calling, it speaks volumes as

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Double Standards – Why Was Regent’s Sanitation Failure Buried and Now Downplayed (When Silversea Problems Were Highly Publicized)?

I am baffled as to how Goldring Travel seemingly was the first outlet publishing that the Regent Seven Seas Navigator significantly failed its Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Inspection.  On August 26, 2013 I wrote the article:  Regent Seven Seas Navigator Fails CDC Inspection on June 16, 2013 – Why Was This Not Reported? Regent

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Cruise Critic and Seabourn: Host Dan is Known to Assure a Wealth of Misinformation…So Why Does Everyone Email Goldring Travel as a Result?

I find it remarkable that Cruise Critic continues to allow Host Dan to prostitute the Seabourn message board so that misinformation can reign supreme.  As the most recent example, there is presently a thread about who will be the master of the Seabourn Quest. A long time poster, Martita (the one with pajama parties, stuffed

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