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Cruise Critic and Seabourn: Host Dan is Known to Assure a Wealth of Misinformation…So Why Does Everyone Email Goldring Travel as a Result?

I find it remarkable that Cruise Critic continues to allow Host Dan to prostitute the Seabourn message board so that misinformation can reign supreme. 

As the most recent example, there is presently a thread about who will be the master of the Seabourn Quest. A long time poster, Martita (the one with pajama parties, stuffed monkeys at the Sky Bar, flashing light buttons and headbands, etc.) incorrectly posted some drivel about who the master of the Seabourn Quest will be.  Another, obviously better informed, poster advised that her information was simply incorrect.  Martita responded that she had received her information from Pamela Conover (whether true or not) and the other poster advised he/she received his/her information directly from the Captain. Host Dan removed the post advising that latter little tidbit leaving the impression that (a) there was no response; and (b) Martita’s information was weighty and accurate.  Why?

Now, who is the captain may be very important to some – those who will be on the Maiden Voyage and those who find interacting with the captain to be an important part of their cruise experience – but to others it is a matter of self-importance (that they somehow have inside information).  The problem is that Host Dan has an agenda and, as such, has a history of unnecessarily assuring this favorite posters can say what they want no matter how incorrect it is because, I guess, it is his sand box.

And so the emails start flying to me.  “Eric, Iamboatman, Goldring Travel…please tell me what the truth is!  I know you keep saying the information on Cruise Critic is not accurate, and I do believe you, but I just read X.  Is it true?”

Host Dan and Cruise Critic is doing a disservice to Seabourn; a disservice to its advertisers; a disservice to the cruising public; and, of course, a disservice to truth and honesty.  (Over a year ago I wrote the following article:  Do Cruise Critic and Other Message Boards Have An Obligation To The Public? .  Take a moment to read it, if you will.)

So what is more important to Cruise Critic:  Host Dan’s ego and agenda; Martita’s need to portray herself as an insider; or, providing accurate information to the cruising public which, in turn, benefits the cruise lines and its advertisers?

And we had to ask this questions because????

Join the conversation…and it is a long one…on The Gold Standard Luxury Travel ForumHost Dan is at it Again and  Do Cruise Critic and Other Message Boards Have An Obligation

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