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Seabourn Odyssey Update

It is only weeks until her Maiden Voyage and the Seabourn Odyssey has her name.  Above is a photo of her name ready to be hoisted and installed.   
She is also getting her navigation mast put into place.  Many parts of a ship – even sections of a ship – are virtually completed somewhere other than on the ship and then are installed as a finished product.  Here, if you look closely, you can see the radar antennae (the blocks that are turning all the time) and navigation lights (red and green lamps) are already installed.

OK, so that is the hardware…now the software:

Above are the new Guest Services personnel who will be manning the Seabourn Square.  They are in Miami for a six (6) week training course.  That’s right, six weeks of training…so that they have the ability to know what they are doing when your arrive onboard.  Why should it be any different than when you board the triplets?  (BTW, the photo was taken at the Reception Desk…not on the ship, but at Seabourn’s offices in Miami.)
And speaking of your arrival, the following is edited from from the Seabourn blog on how the restaurants are going to be run:
The main kitchen, which is over 6,400 square feet, is constructed on two mirror plans, so that during the dinner service the staff can be divided into two lines to ensure speedy service. As I previously mentioned here, there is another purpose:  They galleys are set up to be similar to the triplets, so that wait and galley staff can move from one ship to the other without having confusion as to where things are located.  It is also essential so that the cuisine, which is prepared ala minute, is not sitting on a shelf getting cold because of a backup in the waitstaff line. 
The Colonnade and Restaurant 2 will operate out of a combined galley on Deck 8; the Officer and Crew Mess has its fully equipped galley on Deck 3 and the Patio Grill has another galley of its own.

Let’s have a look at the manning:

The Executive Chef de Cuisine supervises all the outlets. He’s responsible for proper manning, flawless and timely execution of all dishes, ordering of provisions, quality of food, maintaining Public Health standards and more. In order to accomplish all of this he’s assisted by a workforce of 57:

1 Chef de Cuisine – Colonnade
3 Executive Sous Chef
1 Executive Pastry Chef
1 Patio Chef
13 Chef de Partie (station or line cooks)
2 Chef de Partie – Crew
1 Baker
1 Asst. Baker
1 Butcher
1 Asst. Butcher
11 Demi Chef de Partie
3 Demi Chef de Partie – Pastry
1 Utility #1
14 Utility Staff
1 Garbage Manager
2 Utility Garbage Staff

Four distinct dining venues served by three seperate galleys.  Pretty impressive.

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