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Boat International USA 50 Largest US Owned Yachts – MSY Islander

Today I received the August 2008 edition of Boat International USA and it lists the 50 largest yachts with a United States owner. I, quite proudly, saw that the superyacht that I breathed, ate, slept and drank for almost five years of my life remains – after an incredible 18 years – on the list.

With the boom in the superyacht market (yachts over 150 feet, more or less) and a five year waiting list to have one built, to think that what once was considered an impossible feat remains relevant more than two decades after she was conceived and the first aluminium cut is remarkable.
In 1990 Showboats Magazine was gave her an award, “The Magnificent Enigma”. Why? this unique 192 foot (58 metre) superyacht has huge sail volumes, two retractable keels and water jet drives, with only a 7.5 foot draft (with keels retracted), a full depth swimming pool, the ability to hold a cocktail party for 250 guests and a list of features that most yachts of today still cannot match.

………………………………………………………………………………. I have many, many, many stories of this yacht and my involvement; most good, but some not so good. But they are, to be sure, stories which fill a very large portion of my lifetime.
If you want to hear more about her, log onto one of my websites: https://goldringtravel.com/ or http://www.yachtlaw.com/ and watch the video.

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