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Seabourn Odyssey V1 and V2 Balconies – The True Story

For some reason, there has been a lot of controversy over the Category V1 and V2 balconies on the new Seabourn Odyssey.  Let me provide you with the accurate information. 

It is a bit different than was originally reported.  I do not know why, but it is what it is…and it is not some horrific situation as some people seek it spin it into.  (And remember, these suites are discounted accordingly.)

The balconies on Deck 5 through Suite 536 will have a partially metal/partially glass windscreen.  Each has a glass windscreen of 11.22 inches (28.5 cm).The actual height of the metal portion from forward to aft differs by about an 1.5 inches (more forward and less aft).  The specific measurements, by suite are as follows:

Suite 502 – 33.07 inches (84cm)
Suite 504 – 32.28 inches (82cm)
Suites 506-536 – Average 31.49 inches (80cm) ranging from 81-79 cm.

Now, let’s put this information to practical perspective.  If you are sitting on your veranda your view straight out out will be through the glass not matter which suite you are in.  As a point of reference the average desk height is 30 inches and an American bathroom vanity height is 33 inches and kitchen cabinet height is 36-38 inches.

To be honest, though, it may provide a somewhat less desirable view than anticipated when you are sitting well inside your suite.  While I will most definitely report back to you (and hopefully have photos to post) when I am aboard on June 22nd, I do have a bit of concern that when lying in bed you will not have the expansive view that you would hope fore.  However, for those that have made the erroneous comparison, the view will be far superior to anything like the Queen Mary 2’s or RCCL Voyager Class semi-enclosed balconies, for these are otherwise true open balconies.

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