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Regent Seven Seas Announces Plan For Big Improvements

I know I seem to be beating on Regent Seven Seas Cruises and that, at times, it just seems unfair.  So with this post I am conflicted.  Do I cheer for Regent’s below mentioned commitments to improve its product or do I rehash what I have been saying for years:  Regent does not deliver what

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Regent Seas Seas Cruises Will Reduce, And Keep, Its Fleet At Three

Regent has confirmed that its new ship is now further from reality than it had been.  Granted with the present economy it is not surprising (and, to be sure, may well make some good economic sense), but there was so much “talk” about it by Regent that its now discussing the mothballing of the ship 

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Silversea – Lost at Sea????

Every time I go to post something about Silversea Cruise Line, something else comes about that makes me shake my head.  Not so long ago I posted about the Prince Albert II making a big play in Tahiti and French Polynesia.  Well, scratch that out.  That itinerary has been pulled.  It is not surprising in

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Some Interesting Options…And The Seabourn Difference

Some of you keep reading about Seabourn, but really don’t know what the ships are like.  Let’s briefly compare a few ships, so you get the idea of how Seabourn can be so intimate and personalized.  I have chosen three of the better quality ships, so the comparison is meaningful. Celebrity Solstice Regent Seven Seas

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Regent Seven Seas Voyager – Rhodes Docking Mishap UPDATED

It is reported today that Regent Seven Seas Voyager hit the dock in Rhodes, Greece today.  From the limited information I have, it seems that there is 5 foot (3.5 meter) dent in the hull.  As is standard operating procedure, the ship will not be able to sail until the classification society inspects and approves the

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