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Regent Seven Seas Voyager – Repair Update

Seven Seas Voyager Update: October 20th According to Regent, “Seven Seas Voyager is currently in dry dock undergoing repairs which are proceeding on schedule. At this time, should no unforeseen circumstances arise, we fully expect the October 27th voyage to depart as planned.”

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Regent Seven Seas Voyager – Cancelled Cruises, Frustration…and Idiots

I love the way people all become experts on anything dealing with anything…especially cruises.  The vast majority of people have absolutely no idea what goes into running a tender, no less a cruise ship or a cruise line.  Yet these folks, unfortunately, stir up innocent folks affected by the unfortunate issues with the Regent Seven

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Regent Seven Seas Voyager – Canceled Cruises and Loose Lips

The other day a well respected and long time naturalist for Regent, Terry Breen, made a comment somewhere that the repairs to the Regent Voyager’s broken azipod could take a month.  This set off a whirlwind of “OMG, my cruise is probably canceled even though Regent Seven Seas hasn’t yet canceled it” followed by “OMG,

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Regent Voyager – Here We Go Again: Cruises Canceled and Drydock to Follow

It has happened again:  The Regent Seven Seas Voyager has been disabled with a propulsion pod problem and its current cruise (and, it seems clear, an uncertain number of future cruises) has been canceled. The ship is currently in Piraeus, Greece waiting for arrangements to be made at the most readily available drydocking facility in

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Civility – What The Heck Happened To It…And How Do We Get It Back?

As you know I had an incredible time on the Celebrity Equinox. Celebrity did virtually everything it could do to provide me with an excellent premium cruise experience. The only problem: The lack of civility of some adults and the lack of supervision/discipline of some of the children. As you also know I have been

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