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Another Publication and Another “Best of” List That Makes You Go “Huh?”: Forbes Traveler

Forbes Traveler has posted an article World’s Best Cruises, Period. and, while it does have some useful information, it left me scratching my head.

I knew things weren’t right when I read that NCL had the “Best Overall Vibe”. That is the cruise line detailed just last night on “Cruises, Inc.” CNBC’s production, which I mentioned a few days ago CNBC Discusses Cruises With Goldring Travel . Faced with thousands of other guests, the name of the game is “Keep ’em happy and they will spend”. Waiting in lines, paying for dining, sodas, drinks, etc. (NCL needs to have very man, woman and child to spend $7.25 per day on drinks just to break even. For a family of four on a 7 day cruise that is $203.00.) So the Vibe is spend…and wait…spend. Meanwhile comments from professionals suggesting SeaDream and Windstar were dismissed because they “carry as few as a few dozen passengers”. Isn’t that the point?

My best vibe is “Jimmy Buffett meets a great glass of wine with an awesome view with my wife sitting next to me”; not, “Sammy the cruise director getting me to spent $50 at bingo as I amass a collection of different plastic ‘drink of the day’ glasses”. Alas, my best vibe would drive the person with the other best vibe to drink. (OH, yeah, that is the point…Isn’t it?!)

Yes, the article has some decent information, but you need to read the qualifiers that are laced through out and ask “Why is line X missing?” “Does that professional have an allegiance of some sort with line Y?”

Overall, I just have to say, as I do whenever I see these lists (and, I admit it, I am like a deer staring into headlights; I read them): YUK.

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