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Explora Journeys – A True Culinary Experience!

Explora Journeys has so many impressive elements and you know I wish I could tell you about everything all at once. I’ve been, ‘er um, biting my tongue about the exciting culinary experiences, but I can tell you all about it. (OK, almost all about it!)

Explora Journeys’ Explora I

Explora I will have six (6) restaurants, eight (8) indoor bars and lounges, four (4) fully outdoor bars and lounges plus, of course, full in-suite dining. Of these nineteen (19) venues, impressively eleven (11) will deliver Culinary Experiences.  They are designed to be “global”; not merely “international”, and with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and superlative service.  

When considering all of these choices keep in mind that the number of guests enjoying them is about the same as on the larger ships of those on the other luxury brands.  It is truly an impressive array of offerings; not only in number, but in diversity.  

Interested? Let’s get into the details!


This is one of only two for charge restaurants (100 Euros per person)…and for good reason! This small venue (48 guests indoors/22 al fresco) will offer dinner menus curated by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs who will visit the ship on a rotating basis with wines from illustrious winemakers paired with the cuisine. (Non-alcoholic pairings will also be available.) 

Chef’s Kitchen

If you have enjoyed a Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural Experience (Explora Journeys – Exciting Updates and News About Goldring Travel’s 2023 Culinary & Cultural Journey) you will understand the culinary experience that awaits the Chef’s Kitchen’s fortunate twelve (12) guests. Dependent on local restrictions, guests will go shopping with the chef in the local markets, return to the ship for a hands-on cooking experience, and then enjoy an amazing culinary adventure in a private dining room – of course, paired with superb wines.  (There will be a charge for this experience.)


Pan-Asia culinary experiences are the focus here both for lunch and dinner. While the decor and name are based upon a more Japanese experience, the culinary offerings will include Thai, Vietnamese, and Malayasian as well.  The 92 guests indoors/26 al fresco will be able to take advantage of a first-come/first-served Sushi Bar as well as a Sake sommelier.

Marble & Co. Grill

This Steakhouse, open for dinner only, (80 indoors/10 al fresco) will offer sustainably superior quality farmed beef and other offerings augmented by Explora 1’s in-house dry ager and its own wine cellar.

Med Yacht Club

Culinary offerings for lunch and dinner will be focused on Italian, Spanish, Greek, French, and – I love this – North African cuisines in a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere along with the wines and specialty cocktails giving homage to the region.  This venue seats 136 including 34 at the bar/lounge where tapas and other light bites will also be offered.

Fil Rouge

A “global tasting tour to French-inspired international cuisine” is how Explora Journeys describes this venue.  This is actually one of the larger venues, open for breakfast and dinner, but will maintain an air of elegance both in its decor and culinary offerings.

Emporium Marketplace

An all-day dining experience is what the Emporium Marketplace is about. It will offer sushi, fresh seafood, and a daily rotisserie offering as well as pasta cooked-to-order, freshly baked pizzas, and more. And there will be special Charcuterie, Fromagerie, Boulangerie, and Patisserie stations. 

Oh, you thought I was done? Nope!  Let’s take a quick look at the Bars & Lounges…but let’s ease into them with one more culinary delight before getting “serious”!

Explora Journeys – Gelateria & Creperie
Explora Journeys – Lobby Bar
Explora Journeys – Crema Cafe
Explora Journeys – Explora Lounge
Explora Journeys – Malt Whiskey Lounge
Explora Journeys – Journeys Lounge
Explora Journeys – Astern Lounge
Explora Journeys – Astern Pool Bar & Lounge
Explora Journeys – Atoll Bar & Lounge
Explora Journeys – Conservatory Pool & Bar

Explora Journeys’ Explora I clearly has something for everyone. Dare I say there is more than something for everyone? In fact, you will definitely have to take an extended journey in order to experience all of the culinary options in your amazing home at sea!

Interested in an Explora Journey? Give me a call, drop me an email, or message me!

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