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Host Dan of Cruise Critic – Nothing But A “Smarmy” Rumor Monger

There is no doubt in my mind that Host Dan, of Cruise Critic, is a troubled individual that uses his role on Cruise Critic to promote the false agendas that he desires.

While the best way to be banned from Cruise Critic is to attack the integrity of another poster or what they post, the fact is that Host Dan aggressively attacks those that don’t kiss his royal (ring)…and promote his rumor mongering.  It doesn’t matter if it is those with the most actual knowledge about the Seabourn product such as Granny Lorr, Lord of the Seas or (yours truly) Iamboatman.  If you don’t kiss that (ring) you are outta there.

But being banned hasn’t stopped me from spreading – heaven forbid – the truth.

So what does Host Dan now do?  He is – albeit feebly – defaming Goldring Travel.

Today Host Dan posted this:

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Originally Posted by lincslady View Post
Glad to hear if this so – however, there definitely was an advert. published with picture and description of the three small ships, so someone is causing mischief/made a mistake/whatever. I see from another cruise board that the person who runs it says it is completely false and that the CC members who brought it to attention are – as he is wont to say – misinformed, but it was there in black and white for a while.

Misinformed? It was right out there for all to see! I do believe if the ship Broker basically advertised the 3 ships for sale, and didn’t have permission, there would be SB heck to pay. Some of these other “boards” are run by TA’s that are in the business of selling SB cruises. Of course they don’t want to take any chance passengers won’t book.
Host Dan


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OK, so why is he defaming Goldring Travel?  It is simple:  It is the only way he can keep his rumor mill in operation(He is still upset by Seabourn’s complaints about his walking into The Club one night on a Seabourn cruise and picking a fight with a couple because he demanded the stripper song, “Girls. Girls. Girls” be played while he downed the last of a Louis XIII brandy bottle and then, when he wasn’t given the bottle, he went on a tirade.)  Sometimes understanding why someone is so irrational helps explain the insanity! LOL.

More specifically, yesterday I posted an article, “Seabourn Pride, Spirit and Legend Are Staying With Seabourn” which was based upon first hand discussions I had with the folks that matter and upon my personal analysis of the luxury cruise market (because hearing something from someone is only one source and I like more than one). 

The genesis of the article was, in the short term, a thread on Cruise Critic with a bunch of un- or mis-informed posters running what is nothing more than a rumor mill.  This was started by a rudimentary website Marine Transportation Consultants, apparently related (so the “Associated Company” links says) to Marine Management Group that itself has an empty website,  – with no substance, background and a number of empty pages.

On one particular page (http://www.marine-consultant.com/p523.htm) it – at one time – apparently referenced:


Now, that posting no longer exists and, to be sure, there is nothing…absolutely nothing…anywhere else on the internet or in any published brokerage information that these (apparently Seabourn) ships are for sale.  In fact, there is nothing that states this apparently fly-by-night operation (if it actually still is one) is a legitimate ship broker or that the Seabourn ships are listed for sale with any brokerage.

It is, alas, best case someone “fishing” or, possibly, it is a site connected to Host Dan as a vehicle to push his false and rumor-filled agenda! (Oh, don’t start that rumor!)  Seriously, let’s see what we can find out about this website.  According to WHOIS the site was created on August 4, 2011 and its ownership is hidden. 

Now that we know…and I think it is clear that it is far beyond a reasonable doubt…that the single, now removed, posting from a skeleton website created in a dirty corner of the internet is not reliable information. 

We also know that, if one follows logic rather than Host Dan’s defamatory comments, that if Seabourn was actually going to be selling off the triplets Goldring Travel would be doing everything it could to book the cruising public on other ships…because to do otherwise would cause me to have very unhappy clients and a ton more work with the potential to lose a lot of money.  (I mean can you imagine you upset with me if I knowingly booked you on a ship I had good information or even a strong inkling was going to be sold?)

It is time for smarmy Host Dan to issue an apology or, just possibly, I may just sue him.  It seems that may be the only way to get Cruise Critic to publish something other than clear rumors and seemingly intentionally injure a significant number of innocent cruisers.

So, if you are interested in sailing on the Seabourn Pride, Seabourn Spirit or Seabourn Legend call Goldring Travel at (877) 2GO-LUXURY (+1 732-578-8585) or email me at eric@goldringtravel.com.  You know you will get the best, most accurate, information…and great pricing along with some of the best service in the business.

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