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Queen Mary 2 Remastered – She’s Better Than Ever

I was invited to join the celebration yesterday of the Queen Mary 2’s “Remastered” upon her arrival in New York at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.  Honestly (am I any other way?) I love the ship…even more so with her $175,000,000 worth of renovations.  (They actually cost more, but with Brexit the exchange rate changed.)

Carnival CEO Arnold Donald 
My preface is this, most aptly stated by my girlfriend (our first real date was on QM2 Crossing!): 

A Crossing on the Queen Mary 2 is a Bucket List Item…that you didn’t know was on your bucket list!

This ocean liner (she is NOT a cruise ship) is sleek, elegant and built incredibly solidly. If you would like to read more about her enjoy my article Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 – A Winter Transatlantic Crossing on Her 10th Anniversary

So what is the Remastering all about?  Well, there were some things that just didn’t worth that well and other things that needed a significant upgrade after over a decade at sea.  There has been an enormous amount of a much higher quality re-carpeting, with the carpets giving homage to the original Queen Mary both in style and color.  The classic Veranda Restaurant returns with the farewell to Todd English and with the central elevators removed, the previously closed-in space by Reception is open and elegant.

For the luxury traveler (on the QM2 you are not a cruiser), there have been significant upgrades to the Queens Grill Suites as well as the Queens Grill Restaurant and Princess Grill Restaurant.  Both restaurants now have more tables for two and a nicer layout.  But more me, the Queens Grill Restaurant now looks more like the special dining experience it is, with unique rich red fabrics.

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Queens Grill Restaurant

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Queens Grill Restaurant

While there were no big changes to the Queens Grill Lounge, the new color palette is a significant improvement.

QM2’s Queens Grill Lounge

The Grill Suites have a new, more modern and relaxing, color palette.

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Queens Grill Suite 

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Queens Grill Suite 

One improvement that I truly find fantastic are wonderful single staterooms…which to me should be called Suites.  These were added in two areas, one area near the Ballroom that wasn’t used and by taking part of the previously oversized casino.  I highly recommend these staterooms, especially the ones with the large circular windows!

Queen Mary 2’s new Single Staterooms are really fantastic.

Even the staterooms were made over with new colors and artwork…literally thousands of new prints being brought onboard.

Queen Mary 2’s remastered Britannia Stateroom

One of the biggest investments was the King’s Court restaurant area.  It was in need of, and received, a literally “gut job”.  Yup, Cunard tore out the whole space and started over. Besides making it a more modern space, with different dining options, the flow has been greatly improved and the furnishings upscaled and better designed with seating at various heights, thereby eliminating the cafeteria look.

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Kings Court

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Kings Court

Queen Mary 2’s Remastered Kings Court

Other areas that have seen some significant changes including the Kennel, which now has a proper lamp post and fire hydrant as well as additional kennels, which are always in such high demand.

Queen Mary 2’s expended Kennels
QM2 now provides a fire hydrant for American dogs
and a proper lamp post for British ones.

 Even the theaters have been upgraded, including new LED lighting

Queen Mary 2 is truly better than ever.  Are there still some misses in my book?  Of course.  But this is not a case of there being much to compromise, especially after the Remastering. #QM2Remastered

If you would like more information or would like to book your Bucket List Crossing, please email Goldring Travel or give us a call.

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