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Regent Seven Seas Cheerleaders: If You Don’t Like What I Write, Don’t Read It…Seriously!

I remain fascinated (sort of like a moth with a light bulb) by the rather perverse cheerleaders for Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  These once or twice a year passengers (especially one from Bellingham, Washington) have an obsession with “correcting”, challenging, even outright harassing of anyone…and I mean anyone…that dare speak anything but positives about “their” beloved Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

It is, to my mind, a rather dark and scary place where these people live.  It is a place where they are so fixated on insisting their world on Regent is perfect…that it is the center of their soul…and that the cultures and wonders that exist in various ports around the world are secondary to their protection of their beloved cruise line.  (As the youth of today say, “What gives with that?”  There is no such thing as a perfect cruise line, but we all have our imperfect favorites.)

To date I have left these individuals comments and one star ratings on my blog because, frankly, it is not my desire to censor anyone.  While I fully intend on continuing this as an open forum, I would suggest that if you truly believe what I write is inaccurate or worthy of one star, put your name to it or, better…don’t read what I write.  That, I know, is not going to happen because these individuals know the information I post here is accurate and unbiased.  (They might not like it being accurately called as it is in public, but they obviously have a desire to get the information I provide.)

So while these Regent Cheerleaders mess about here…and on Cruise Critic…and elsewhere, ask yourself, “What is the value of an opinion of someone who is not only openly and hostilely bias, but unwilling to put their name behind what their opinion is?”  When you read an anonymous complaint or see a one star rating, take it for what it is probably worth:  an unnamed source probably strangely obsessed in a way that is hard to comprehend.  As with Cruise Critic, these people interfere with actual discussion. 

I do still encourage anonymous posts that express true opinion and which encourage dialog. And my readers are sophisticated enough to know the difference.

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