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Seabourn Listens: An Easy 5% Discount – Another Success Story!

For years I have been dealing with Non-Buyer’s Remorse:  Seabourn guests who declined, forgot or didn’t know about the 5% discount you receive when you make a refundable Open Booking. 

An Open Booking, which is fully refundable, is just that:  A booking with no specific cruise attached to it; you decide that later.  It is valid for two years and may be applied to any single sailing, whether it be a 5 day Caribbean Sampler or a Full World Cruise.  It costs $1,000 and, again, doesn’t require a commitment to any particular cruise.

After settling in for a couple of weeks, many guests are already thinking:  Where do I go on my next Seabourn cruise?  Then I get the call.  And then I say, “I notice you did not purchase an Open Booking.  You could have saved an additional 5%.” (I am notified when my client’s purchase them as they are automatically assigned to me.) 

I need not go into the efforts I had to make to obtain that 5% discount for my clients because now Seabourn is implementing something I have suggested for years:  If you book a Seabourn cruise within 30 days of completing a Seabourn cruise you will receive the 5% discount on your next cruise.

Of course there remains the benefit of the 5% Open Booking:  You don’t need to make a decision on your next cruise within 30 days…you have 2 years.

Now you have two options and you have no excuse for having Non-Buyer’s Remorse!

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