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Seabourn’s New President Provides More Assurances as the Move to Seattle Completes

Yesterday I let you know about an article on Seatrade’s Cruise Community concerning Seabourn’s former president, Pamela Conover, reflections on Seabourn’s recent past and enormous growth.  Today, in contrast, Seatrade has an article about how Rick Meadow’s Seabourn’s new president is committed to honoring the Seabourn brand…a brand that he actually developed year ago as Seabourn’s former Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing (a position now held by his co-former Holland America colleague, John Delaney).

You can read the article here: http://www.cruise-community.com/News/News-Headlines/New-Seabourn-chief-pledges-respect-for-the-brand.html

It is interesting that the focus in both articles has been on Seabourn’s past and how much will remain the same.  For me that is rather ironic because, in fact, the move to Seattle is based on “change” being needed.  Not necessarily change in the essence of the onboard product, but spiffing it up with a better marketing, better Past Guest Program, better itineraries, better reservations system, and more.

What I am most excited about are the things not mentioned in the article and the things I cannot yet discuss in detail.  Seabourn has already made some pretty significant changes to its smaller marketing pieces (telling you who Seabourn is up front and through the marketing pieces rather than tucked in the rear, providing clear itineraries without confusing – and irrelevant – pricing matrices, and letting you know about about the ports) and its greatly improved itineraries (done in a very short time frame).

The two articles are nice for a taste of Seabourn’s recent history and its future, but you know me:  I want to enjoy the entire experience.  And, to be sure, I want to assist you in discovering, understanding and, ultimately, enjoying the entire Seabourn experience.

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