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Seabourn’s New Pricing Strategy: Book Now or Pay More Because Prices are Going Up

For the past couple of years, as the economy has struggled, Seabourn engaged in a pricing strategy that made absolutely no sense to me…and was very frustrating for guests as they feared booking early was going to result in them paying more than those that waited…and, honestly, me because I have spent huge amounts of time honoring my commitment to provide my clients with the lowest price right up until the time of final payment.

Seabourn has just changed its pricing policy.  Now, as I have been urging for months I might add, it is now unequivocally to your benefit to book early. 

“Effective immediately, Seabourn is adopting a new pricing strategy for 2011 aimed at definitively restoring the advantage of early booking. From now on, every promotional offer we make will have a set book-by date, after which the offer will expire. And as each offer expires, fares for a selection of cruises will increase. For instance, the first book-by date is October 31. On November 1, fares for a selection of 19 2011 cruise departures, in different regions and on different Seabourn yachts, will be raised between $200 and $800 per couple.  The next book-by date expires December 31. On January 1, 2011, an additional set of fare increases will be announced, which may include some of the same cruises, or a different group of departures, or both. Then book-by dates will be set and fares will continue to increase periodically as deemed appropriate.”

So I am repeating what I have been saying for quite a while now:  Book Now!  There is absolutely no disadvantage to doing so.  All deposits are fully refundable up until the final payment date and Goldring Travel never charges a change or cancellation fee.

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