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Silversea Cruises – Refurbishment of the Silver Shadow: A Move Toward Consistency

Earlier this week I spent some time with the folks at Silversea Cruises and my favorite topic was discussed:  Consistency of Product.  I believe it is essential in the luxury cruise market that even with different ships there must be a consistency between them so that repeating guests have a sense of “home” and new guests/travel agents have an understanding and appreciation of a unified product.  This is not a new or innovative concept as others have engaged in a similar exercise (Seabourn has consistency between its significantly different smaller and larger ships, Celebrity is in the process of “Solsticizing” its Millennium class ships, etc.)
What is good news to me is that Silversea is now undertaking this process and, apparently, has begun the process of installing the “best ofs” from its fleet.  Silversea’s Silver Shadow is presenting underdoing a refurbishment and Christian Sauleau has shared with me not only the list of improvements, but some “on the job” photographs so you can see some of the “behind the scenes” work.
For example, ever wonder how all those chairs are reupholstered?

Anyway, back to the refurbishment and installation of consistency of product.  The Silver Shadow has the following work being done with the idea of better aligning her with both her sistership, the Silver Whisper and Silversea’s new flagship, the Silver Spirit:

• New carpet, new curtains, sheer curtains, new upholstery for sofas, chairs, same color scheme as Silver Spirit in all the suites
• New wall covering in Grand , Owner suites same color as Silver Spirit• New balcony furniture in all suites, same as Silver Spirit
• Bathroom maintenance and wood polishing in all suites

Public areas
• Observation Lounge: New carpet, new fabrics for the chairs
• Spa/Beauty Salon: New wood flooring same as done on Silver Whisper, new tiling in bathrooms , new fabric for the sofas in beauty salon
• New carpet in all suite corridors, landing and staircases, and public rooms again
• La Terrazza: New design same as Silver Whisper, extended awning for outdoor dining
• Panorama Lounge: New carpet, new upholstery for chairs, re-position of the Coffee station (same as Silver Whisper)
• The Bar: New carpet, new fabric same color as Silver Spirit
• The Restaurant: New carpet and new fabric for the chairs same as Silver Whisper
• Upgrade sound system in the show lounge and pool deck
• Pool deck: New awning to increase shade and seating for the Hot Rock Grill, new buffet counter and cover for the grill
• New tiling in the pool same as Silver Spirit
• New deck chairs same as Silver Spirit
• Internet facilities, new cabling of the ship for higher performance of the internet in suites and public rooms

Here are the workers installing some of that new carpeting:


• General maintenance as needed , deck maintenance , tenders , engine overhaul, etc..
And speaking of technical things, I thought you might be interested in a look below the waterline where new, fuel efficient and environmentally appropriate silicon bottom paint has been applied:

I will keep you posted as I get more information and photos.  Enjoy!

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