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2011 American Superyacht Forum – Reality and More

Every year I attend the American Superyacht Forum and most years I attend the Global Superyacht Forum; both hosted by The Yacht Report Group.  Every year I hear how wonderful everything is…or will be…while this clearly troubled industry fails to respond in any substantive way other than to claim “If you build them they will

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American Superyacht Forum 2009

On Sunday I am traveling to Seattle for the 2009 American Superyacht Forum.  It is an event that I look forward to every year, but this year the economy has me wondering.  The fact is that the superyacht industry is hurting. While there are those that are seemingly immune to the weak economy, or are simply

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Yacht Brokerage and Legal Panel – American Superyacht Forum

As I previously wrote, I was on a panel in June at The Yacht Report’s American Superyacht Forum in Newport, Rhode Island. The panel discussion was on issues and concerns with yacht brokers.  The transcript of the panel discussion can be found here: http://www.synfo.com/Whitepapers/asf08/ASFDay2BrokerageForum.pdf For those of you that know me as a travel agent,

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