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Goldring Travel To Address FIAVET – Italian Federation of Travel & Tourism – in Sardinia

I have been honored with an invitation to speak to FIAVET, the Italian Federation of Travel & Tourism, at its annual Congress being held May 27-31, 2011 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. 

At a time when the cruise industry is seeking ways to better penetrate into the European markets, I have been asked to speak to the issue of why the small or mid-size Italian travel agencies should remain in business and how to do it.  (You may have heard that, for example, in England the mega-travel agencies have become so cut-throat that Carnival slashed their commission rate to a level that now requires them to compete, to a far greater extent, on service.) 

Knowing me you can anticipate I am not going to be saying what the Congress expects!

It will also be very interesting for me to participate in the panel discussion, “How to be Competitive in the Market:  Comparing Experiences”.  As someone who, literally singlehandedly, took on the challenge of competing with the mega-travel agencies and succeeded in becoming one the the top selling travel agents – worldwide – of Seabourn Cruises with a wide-ranging national and  international client base (and I am still growing) I am very excited to hear what others say and to learn how Italians view the “proper” way to engage in the travel business.

It is also going to be a great opportunity for me to visit Sardinia; a place that I have never been to and really do not know much about.  It does look like there is a great deal of natural beauty and I, hopefully, will have time to explore some local towns.  I will let you know.

Just to make things more interesting….after this speaking engagement I will be spending a few days in Rome at a new, ultramodern, hotel (stayed tuned for that!) before being Seabourn’s guest for the Seabourn Quest’s first cruise!  (Stay tuned for that too.)

But before all of that, tomorrow I am off to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the American Superyacht Forum; an annual three day total immersion into the business, regulations and design of the world’s largest yachts from a more or less American perspective.  (OK, you can stay tuned for that too.)

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