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Azamara Club Cruises- Changes Are Coming…And I Like It Alot!

I have always struggled with Azamara Cruises because it had a pretty solid product, but no direction and nothing that made it distinguishable.  Honestly, I have said to its parent, Celebrity Cruises, that with Oceania Cruises having such a solid product with consistently excellent delivery of cuisine, service and itineraries, there was little motivation to

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Azamara’s New “Celebrity” – Pimental To Take The Reigns -UPDATED

Since its launch Azamara Cruise Line has been neither fish nor fowl.  It is a wonderful product, but has been stuck in sort of abyss between Celebrity (its premium brand “owner”) and Oceania (an ultra-premium competitor operating virtually identical ships but with a much stronger brand identity).  With limited marketing on top of that, I

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Silversea – Improperly Discounting Its 15% Pre-Pay Discount?

One of my readers asked my opinion on Silversea’s now discounting a cruise he purchased long ago so much so that the 15% discount he received for pre-paying many months early is now no discount at all…but rather a significant cost (due to loss of his income on his money).  Is there enough “discounting” in that

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Use Caution and Common Sense When Booking Your Cruise

Folks, let’s face it.  There are a number of travel agency business models that just aren’t working in our new economy.  I found out that last evening that one of the largest online agencies has effectively closed up shop with millions of dollars of debt and a number of cash paying clients (even luxury clients)

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