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Silversea Cruises & Royal Caribbean – Synergies Both Financial and Operational Result in RCI’s 66% Stake in Silversea Cruises

It was announced today that Royal Caribbean Cruises will acquire 66% of Silversea Cruises, bringing both something each needed.  I think it is going to be a very good things for both parties…and that is something that rarely happens.  I will, of course, focus on the luxury end of things; with some historical perspective. Silversea

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Royal Caribbean and Labadee, Haiti – Vacations, Industry, Relief Efforts…And, Yes, Critics.

Royal Caribbean, in addition to its direct relief efforts (providing and off-loading desperately needed supplies), has decided to return to its “private island” of Labadee, Haiti.  I applaud this and will explain later. On the other hand, one United Kingdom newspaper, The Guardian, has taken a rather sickening approach:  Sell newspapers by twisting the reality

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Royal Caribbean Receives Settlement from Rolls Royce – More Good News For The Millennium-Class Ships.

Celebrity Cruise Line’s parent, Royal Caribbean, sued Rolls Royce and Alstom Power Conversion over the multitude of problems Celebrity had with its Millennium-class ships (Millennium, Infinity, Summit and Constellation) pod propulsion systems.  Over the initial years there were a number of cruises which were canceled or modified due to problems associated with bearing failures in

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Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas- It’s Here!

Love it or leave it, it really doesn’t matter. While you may never want to step foot on her or you can’t wait to play in Central Park and watch the Aqua Show high dive, the ship is really something to marvel. OK, I compared the Seabourn Odyssey to the Silversea Silver Spirit, so I

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Azamara’s New “Celebrity” – Pimental To Take The Reigns -UPDATED

Since its launch Azamara Cruise Line has been neither fish nor fowl.  It is a wonderful product, but has been stuck in sort of abyss between Celebrity (its premium brand “owner”) and Oceania (an ultra-premium competitor operating virtually identical ships but with a much stronger brand identity).  With limited marketing on top of that, I

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Opinion: “Revenge at Sea” – Christopher Elliott Engages in Yellow Journalism on MSNBC; A Misleading Attack on the Cruise Industry

Last week I received a notification of an article by Christopher Elliott entitled “Revenge at Sea” – Five Ways Passengers Are Getting Even With Cruise Lines. Frankly, it shocked me to read this headline at a time that cruise lines are sharply discounting prices in an effort to lure hesitant guests onboard and, thereby provide

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Ship Happens, You See It Happening, You Step On The Ship Anyway And…

I am fascinated, and baffled, by what is now happening with the Regent Voyager and its passengers.  While Regent Seven Seas is encountering what can only be considered the “perfect storm” of logistical and public relations nightmares, there are some passengers who are demanding perfection…when they were given an “out” which would have avoided the

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Another Reason for Caution When Relying on Too Avid a Poster – Compensating Good Reviews.

A reader of this blog forwarded to me the following article:  http://consumerist.com/5166291/royal-caribbean-caught-infiltrating-review-sites-with-viral-marketing-team .  (I am fascinated how timely it is considering our recent discussions.) Basically it discusses Royal Caribbean scouring the internet (and mainly Cruise Critic) for 50 of their most avid, but well written and positive, posters dubbed “Royal Caribbean Champions”.  Their reward, after being

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