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Luxury Travel Agents and Their Consortiums: Do They Make A Difference to Your Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal or Regent Seven Seas Cruise?

Preface: I.  Goldring Travel clients have a “cancellation after deposit rate” of less than 2%…and most of those are as a result of extraneous personal issues.  In contrast, Mark Conroy, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises recently spoke at a conference and stated that Regent Seven Seas Cruises has a 25% cancellation after deposit rate. To me

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Cruise Value Center Shuts Its Doors! What Next?

On Tuesday I reported a major discount cruise travel agency had gone out of business.  (http://goldringtravel.blogspot.com/2008/11/use-caution-and-common-sense-when.html ). Yesterday the word was out:  Cruise Value Center shut its doors. Cruise Value Center, it is reported from a number of sources, failed to transfer $3,000,000+ in cruise passenger payments to the cruise lines and another $1,500,000 in travel insurance payments

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Cruise Vacation Sales Are Strong…For Some

I am being asked more and more if my sales are up or down compared to last year.  This is asked by cruise lines, other travel agents, clients and potential clients.  Frankly, everyone who asks shocked by the answer:  My sales have more than doubled and on the luxury and premium lines my 2009 sales

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Silversea To Give Regent SERIOUS Competition in French Polynesia

It is now official. Silversea has announced that is exploration ship, Prince Albert II, is going to be cruising Tahiti and French Polynesia from mid-March 2009 through October 2009. The ship is significantly different than Regent’s Paul Gauguin both in size and approach. The Silversea experience is defined as “luxury” and “exploration” rather than a

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Message Boards – Do They Reflect The Cruise Experience Being Discussed

One concern I frequently encounter, and a commenter on this blog mentioned again yesterday, is that some message boards reflect a certain personality and people wonder if the board’s posters are a reflection of passengers on board.  My answer is emphatically:  NO.  There is a very interesting dynamic.  Taking any cruise line, message board posters (those

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Perspectives on Travel Agents – “Only The Best Are Likely To Survive”

Last night I received a most unusual, and welcome, email from CruiseMates.com; a website that I visit once in a great while. It is more of an information hub than a message board community (which also has information but mostly from its members) such as CruiseCritic.com. The CruiseMates email was entitled, “Thank Your Travel Agent”.

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I Demand a Free Cruise!

I have been reading a thread on Cruise Critic about Seabourn cancelling a March 28, 2009 repositioning cruise from St. Thomas to Ft. Lauderdale. Seabourn – giving eight (8) months prior notice – has offered a 10% discount plus a $200 onboard credit. The Host chimes in immediately that the compensation sounds low and then

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It’s Like a Sandwich! Seabourn Spirit – New Ports for 2009

It is not the bread that usually distinguishes or defines a a sandwich. Tuna or cheese, roast beef or chicken salad; you don’t usually mention the bread. It is not that the bread is unimportant, but it is just not as important for most. “Tuna on rye” or “Chicken salad on a hard roll”; never

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Seabourn Odyssey – The Suite Details

Some of you have inquired about the suites on the Seabourn Odyssey and how the compare to the triplets and other luxury cruise lines. I will give it a shot, trying not to be too numbers oriented (as many can’t tell size from reading square footage) or adding too much “stuff” about things you would

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