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The 2023 Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural Cruise on the Seabourn Venture!

OK, this one I am super-excited about! I have been the Peruvian Amazon twice; once more or less on land and once on a river cruise. So the fact I am excited to return for the third time has to tell you something. (BTW, I took all the photos in this article during my second expedition.)

On April 8, 2023, Goldring Travel’s Culinary & Cultural Expedition is heading to the Peruvian Amazon on the Seabourn Venture for a truly unique combination of incredible wildlife and natural beauty, coupled with some of the finest cuisine in the world (Lima, Peru is a world-renowned culinary hotspot), and fascinating cultures.

Our Culinary & Cultural Expedition will start in Lima, Peru for at least one night for a special culinary experience.  My last time in Lima I dined at a beautiful unique restaurant that only used ingredients from the Amazon and Andes mountains, presenting them in wonderful, nature-inspired, dishes. There are so many options and high-quality restaurants this alone will be a great experience.

The next morning we will fly from Lima over the Andes mountains to Iquitos, Peru.  It is a small but busy port town at the effective terminus of the Amazon River. There is not much to see in Iquitos other than remnants of its heyday when rubber was king, so we will promptly board the Seabourn Venture.

The next ten days will amaze you…and you will truly get to experience an expedition, as tides, water levels, rain, sun and movement of wildlife will determine where exactly we will stop.  There are very few ports and even less that can handle a ship such as the Seabourn Venture. What you will be able to experience along the way are amazing animals and wonderful people as well as exposure to truly different cultures. And, I am certain, that when the ship docks in Manaus, Brazil you will not want this expedition to end.

And while the thick Amazonian rain forest blocks much of the sun and creates a pitch black world at night on land, night zodiac rides would be amazing looking for the abundant nocturnal life from kinkajous to monkeys to caiman and more.  And out on the deck of the Seabourn Venture you will be mezmorized by literally millions of stars in the night sky unlike anything you probably have ever seen.

As they say, “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words”, so here are some of my photographs from the Peruvian Amazon. From sloths, to different dolphin species, piranha, macaws, and other birds, sunsets, sunrises, thunderstorms, beautiful people, and interesting cultures, if this doesn’t inspire you to join Goldring Travel…


Note: I am also considering a pre-expedition journey to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. I, personally, believe a journey to the Galapagos is more aligned with an Amazon expedition (so if anyone is interested in that I can arrange it too), but I know many think that since they are in Peru, Machu Picchu is the thing to do.  I am more than happy to take everyone’s options into consideration and create a personal pre-expedition experience to either in advance of this 2023 Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural Expedition.  (And, of course, you can also continue on the Seabourn Venture through the mouth of the Amazon ending in Cape Verde.)

Prices for the 2023 Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural Expedition start at $9,999.00 + taxes per person, double occupancy, for a Veranda Suite. Please book this as early as possible!  Remember that if you wait you may not secure the suite you want or even the category.  As you know, if you see Seabourn has lowered the price Goldring Travel will get you that lower price right up until the final payment is due. 

So don’t delay as the 2023 Goldring Travel Culinary & Cultural Expedition is almost sold out!

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