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Trump National Golf Course – Colts Neck Update

I have noticed quite a number of people are visiting my blog looking for information on the Trump National – Colts Neck golf course.  So here is what I am aware my new neighbor is up to.

Work has already begun on the reconfiguration of the golf course itself (lengthening/reconfiguring some holes, moving bunkers, etc.) as well as the planning for the new swimming pool and tennis courts.  (I also understand that some interior improvements are also started, but I do not know what they are as of yet.)

As part of those plans the two ponds were emptied last week which, inadvertently, caused a bit of a problem:  The water from the ponds is also the water source for the sprinkler system in the Clubhouse.  So without the ponds filled, the sprinkler system has no water supply.  If the Clubhouse was empty that would be one thing, but it is not.  So with events planned and water sources needed, tanker trucks filled with water are, as necessary, on site to supply water.  (Such are the logistical problems with being pretty much in the country.)  I am not sure how long this is going to be going on, or what the total logistical situation is, but it is an interesting quandary.

On another front Trump wants to change the name of the road leading into the Club to “Trump Boulevard” from Professional Circle.  While the name sounds good, if you ever saw it, you would know a boulevard it is not.  Apparently the businesses on the road are in favor of it, but some in town have objections like a supposed unwritten rule that streets aren’t to be named after living people (though there are streets named after existing businesses, i.e. Slope Brook Farm Road…which isn’t even related to the business and was named by other people) and someone didn’t like it promoting Mr. Trump.

As for the present name “Professional Circle”, I have to wonder if so much interest and concern was put into such a terrible name for our fairly rural town?  Personally, as one living in the area, I think if the present road name had any historical significance, like Hominy Hill Road (which is the back entrance into the development) there might be a legitimate issue.  I live in the Hominy Hill area in between it and Hominy Hill Golf Course (a public course); both named after an old farm. 

However, there is no such history and, just as Hominy Hill Road was named for an existing entity, Trump Boulevard should also be so named.    I am sure more people will eventually be familiar with the name Trump than Hominy Hill so to me it makes sense.  Just my neighborly opinion.

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