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Turkey 2010 – Part IV – What to Write About?

We decided to do nothing the next day. As I strolled out to the pool to drink my coffee (boy do I wish something other than a mini-French press was provided), I heard goats…quite a few of them. I looked over the low wall and there was a herd of them eating away (as were two sheep). A local woman with a perfect stick appeared and after saying hello (merhaba) she slowly sent them off. I don’t have a clue where they came from or where they went as we are literally on a cliff.

After hours of doing nothing my friend said, “What are you going to do? You have nothing to write for your blog.” Another few hours went by and then we hear a motorcycle…not coming up the “road”, but from where the goats were in the morning. Wait a minute. I know that guy. He runs Pinarbasi; the first restaurant we ate at!

We cannot understand each other very well, but we do figure out how to have a beer together by the pool. We talk about two different things believing we understand each other. We think he is looking for a lost goat or sheep, but in reality he is looking for a building site for his new home. At least the beer was cold. And we agreed to have dinner at his restaurant.

As we drive to Pinarbasi we pass Place of Huseyin and they wave. We feel like we have betrayed a good friend. But then again, we have more than one “friend” in the village! I say “friend” because they know we are here for a few days and then probably will never be back (Hold that thought.) Clearly the “tourist” season is quite short and every single meal sold is an important financial gain for these modest and hardworking local people. We know we will be back there on Sunday to celebrate a birthday (not mine).

The greeting party at Pinarbasi consists of two little girls and our friend (I wish I knew his name) hanging out of the terrace telling us to come up (the terrace is on the third floor of a building…with the first two floors being the family’s residence). We are enjoying a wonderful meal and in walks Harry (the caretaker) with a pretty Turkish girl half his age. He comes over to say hello and explain that he was wrong we were not overcharged for the drinks on the gullet (yeah, right). I ask him about his date and he quickly departs our company. You know there is a story there!

After another enjoyable dinner we are bought a round of drinks as a thank you for our afternoon chat. It was then time to have after dinner drinks by the pool. And we actually made a plan. We are going to Kas, the largest town in the area tomorrow.

A leisurely morning (what else?) and then a drive to Kas (pronounced “cash”). There is some serious road building as Kalkan ends and also as Kas begins, but in between it is a very windy and narrow road which changed in elevation as quickly as the hairpin turns came upon me as I drove. I had the bonus of a very aggressive bus driver tailgating me and then trying to pass a truck and me at the same time…on this crazy road. (I did everything I could to let him pass me and, fortunately, he eventually did.) The view, to the extent I could look at it, was spectacular with a number of islands popping out of the sea. We were very close to Greece, for at one point I received a text message about phone charges on the Greek mobile system.

We arrive into the outskirts of Kas and catch up with the crazy bus driver (that was a lot of effort on his part for no reason!) and following him into the town center. This seaside town unfortunately doesn’t really have any great interests as it appears to also be a victim of too much development. But, of course, my wife immediately finds some shopping to be of interest and I am now the proud owner of 9 meters of some very pretty Turkish fabrics that will eventually be turned into covers and pillows and ??? This affords me the opportunity to carry the bags of fabric back up the hill to the car. (Finding a place to park was a bit of a challenge.)

After a bit of a wander we find a place for lunch. It was OK, but did afford us a very nice view of the marina and surrounds. A bit more shopping (with an unusual necklace purchased for my wife) and we found ourselves resting in the pretty intense heat in a waterpipe bar. Pick your flavor and pick your drink and relax…which the four of us did while my wife puffed away.

As we walked back to the car we pick up some provisions. It seems I am, once again, the chef for the evening. I am making lamb kebabs, garlic yogurt, a nice salad and I am giving a shot at making the eggplant (aubergine) with hot peppers and tomatoes.

After a drive back and a swim, I am called to duty. I have to cook. The eggplant dish was pretty darn good, if I must say so myself.

Another wonderful day.

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