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Why I Am Proud Of The Gold Standard Luxury Travel Forum

Over the past few days there has been a bit of controversy over a change in Seabourn’s dress code (eliminating formal nights on cruises of 7 days or less) and its decision to not encourage, but not ignore children on it ship.

While on Cruise Critic hysteria and three sentence angry comments/demands prevail, on The Gold Standard Luxury Travel Forum there has been real discussion, real thought and expanded writings by each poster.  You can read them at Yahoo!   A Dress Code Thread – Seabourn

There is a huge amount of solid information and discussion in The Gold Standard Forum.  I am proud that is is, well and truly, turning into “A place to talk about cruising and travel in an intelligent and comfortable atmosphere”.

Note:  You will see a one star rating once again…and from the same person.  It is exactly that sort of self-absorbed and childish behavior that moviated me to create The Gold Standard Forum.  So for the rater and those reading this, please ask yourself, “Who do you want to spend your time reading or relying upon? A person who is forthright or one that is, well, as they say, Res Ipsa Loquitor.”

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