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888-SEABOURN: Please Use 888-732-2687 or (877) 2GO-LUXURY

Obviously with a change of management there is a change in the way business is done.  And one change is the way Seabourn will permit its name to be utilized.  Along with tighter controls over financial and quality concerns, comes tighter controls over the use of the name “Seabourn”.

One of the advantages Goldring Travel has being one of the top sellers of Seabourn cruises in the world is that you are always on Seabourn’s radar.  It is also why Goldring Travel is at the top of Seabourn’s list for enforcement its changes (i.e. Start at the top and work your way down!).  So while over the coming months you will find that not only phone numbers but URLs that contain the word “Seabourn” in it will be disappearing, you will also find that it is happening with Goldring Travel sooner than probably anyone else.

For me that is both bad news and good news.  While there is no doubt benefits to being “found” through the technique of utilizing the Seabourn name, the reality of it is that it plays a relatively small part in my business because Goldring Travel is strongly based upon referrals and providing clients great service along with in depth and accurate information.

The other good news is that my willingness to move quickly and cooperatively with Seabourn assures that my relationship with Seabourn, and therefore my ability to best serve you, remains strong and vibrant. (This is not  a matter of being “right”, but the best business partner possible.)

For those of you who have been using the 888-SEABOURN number, you may continue to do so as Seabourn is happy to let me keep the “number” if not the name.  So you will still reach Goldring Travel, just remember it and refer people to 888-732-2687.

Of course you may also:

1.  Use Goldring Travel’s other toll free number:  877-2GO-LUXURY
2.  Use Goldring Travel’s London, UK number:  020 8133 3450
3.  Use Goldring Travel’s Brisbane, Australia number: (07) 3102 4685
4.  UseGoldring Travel’s International number:  +1 732 383-7398
5.  Use Goldring Travel’s mobile number:  +1 732-693-8797

As for my Seabourn-esque URLs, as I said, you probably don’t use them.  But if you do, feel free to use:

www.thisismyyacht.com or

“Talk” to you soon!

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