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What is up with Carnival Corp and Its Offloading Ships? Good Things!

Back in July 2020 I wrote an article about Carnival Corp, the parent company of Seabourn, Holland America, Princess and many other lines, offloading a number of its ships:  Seabourn and “The Thinning of the Herd.” I offered up that the cruise lines were basically operating older ships because they had them, and were relatively cheap to

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Seabourn Cancels 2021 World Cruise and Pauses Other Sailings

Unfortunately the Seabourn 2021 World Cruise has been cancelled along with the sailings on the Seabourn Encore through November 25, 2020, the Seabourn Ovation through December 20, 2020 and the Seabourn Sojourn through May 24, 2021. The Seabourn Quest and Seabourn Odyssey are paused, as previously announced, through November 20, 2020. The Seabourn 2022 World

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Hurtigruten: Idiocy, Arrogance & Greed – An Update

I do not know how to fully express the outrage and anger throughout the cruise industry at the absolute irresponsible, profit-driven, conduct of Hurtigruten. What I can do is express mine not only for unbelievable damaging the cruise industry, but endangering the health of at least 387 passengers, 156 crew and who knows how many

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Seabourn’s 2022 World Cruise!

As we all sit home craving to travel, Seabourn has announced a number of 2021 and 2022 cruises, including its 2022 World Cruise. And, I am really liking this one because it is very different from the past Seabourn World Cruises. The Seabourn Sojourn will not only visit 72 ports in 28 countries over its

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What is Ahead for Cruising & Travel? The CDC Encourages Speculation…and Little Science…While Abusing Crew and Passengers with Classic Bureaucratic Arrogance.

I must preface this article: I am a big proponent of doing whatever is reasonable to stop or reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what I am fearful of, and what I am unfortunately seeing, is that draconian, over-the-top, and scientifically unsupported positions are undermining the this goal. People – both guests and crew –

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I Never Liked the Term Social Distancing. Here’s Why, Why I Love Travel and Why the Same Approach at Home May Make You See Things

You may recall when the concept of “social distancing” came about I said I preferred the term “social spacing“. My point was that we don’t need to distance ourselves from others in society, but rather simply space ourselves out so as to reduce the chance of being infected with COVID-19. One of our society’s biggest

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Making Waves Lands on a New Shore

In an effort to make Making Waves a bit more user friendly and technologically advanced, Goldring Travel is moving our blog from Google’s Blogger to WordPress. Nothing should change for you other than possibly if you were using a URL to find Making Waves. This move should make your reading and searching for articles

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