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Cruise Critic Censorship – Hidden Agendas and Bad Faith

I know many of you have complained that when anyone mentions anything on Cruise Critic that might be associated with me it is deleted.  I also know that the frustration is nothing other than wanting to discuss and disclose good information that really isn’t available anywhere else (or not easily found otherwise).  No travel agent recommendation has ever been made or inferred.  My recent posts regarding the Seabourn Odyssey have caused this troublesome activity to increase.

I have tried to explain that Host Dan has a personal vendetta because I outed him about some less than appropriate conduct by him on a Seabourn cruise which was reliably reported to me.  (Host Dan gave a different version as a way to ‘justify” the situation.)  As I have said, it is CruiseCritic’s sandbox so it can make its rules and let its host do as it wishes…even if it degrades the message boards and prevents good and useful information to be provided to its readers.

While that approach has actually driven more people to my blog, yesterday I received the following email:

Hi, Eric Goldring.

Cruise Critic (CruiseCritic) is now following your updates on Twitter.

I guess my information is good enough for Cruise Critic to use on its site, but for some reason giving me credit for providing it with the research…or even mentioning my name…is forbidden.  To me there is just something dishonest about it all.

So, rather than being frustrated, consider it a compliment…and a very strong message that for you or your friends to find accurate information and straight forward discussion of luxury cruising, visit my blog or the Gold Standard Forum.  (I might even let Host Dan post!)

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