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Expedition Cruising – Seabourn Style…or Shall I Say “Styles” (Seabourn Venture & Seabourn Quest)

Seabourn Venture
Bottom Line: Don’t Wait For Seabourn’s New Luxury Expedition Ships!

OK, now that I have said it, you are asking, “Hold on! Huh? Why not?”.

The reasons are quite simple:

  • If you are interested in visiting say Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Patagonia or Norway…or even Alaska, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia these are destinations; not ships.
  • With Seabourn you will have the same super-high quality Expedition Team
  • Life circumstances change so waiting for a new ship just might result in you never getting to go
  • The new Expedition ships are going to other locations which you may well find more or less compelling (i.e. more remote and immersive with few traditional ports)

And, of course, there is taking advantage of lower fare opportunities that exist because demand may wane while others are holding off for those new ships…and their anticipated higher prices.

Taking an expedition cruise in 2019 or 2020 is anything but a compromise!  In fact, Seabourn Expedition Cruising is in a period of transition and transformation.  You can bet that some of the possible enhancements that will be available on the new Seabourn Venture may well be integrated into the Seabourn Quest (and Seabourn Sojourn) experiences.

To put things into a timing perspective, the Seabourn Venture will not be delivered until June 2021 and the second ship will not be delivered until May 2022.  That means if you want to visit Antarctica in Seabourn luxury you will have to wait for three years; foregoing November 2019-February 2020; November 2020-February 2021 and then, hopefully you can book a suite starting with the November 2021 inaugural season…and then go during the time period you actually desire. (With only 232 guests on each of the sailing, you might just have to wait four years!)

And, of course, as so many have discovered, Antarctica is, for many, anything but a “once in a lifetime” journey.  (I have quite a few repeat guests.)  So if you go on the Seabourn Quest and love it you can go again on the Seabourn Venture!

Speaking of the Seabourn Venture, Seabourn has announced some of features of the Seabourn Venture, which is a stunning vessel.

Seabourn Venture’s Expedition Lounge

Seabourn Venture will have the following features:

  • PC6 Ice-Strengthened Hull which will allow the Seabourn Venture to operate in medium summer/autumn first year ice rather than just thin first year ice.
  • Ability to cruise further north and south as well as warm and tropical locations
  • Highly maneuverable with twin Azipods and three bowthrusters
  • Dynamic positioning – Ship maintains location without the use of anchors (great for the environment)
  • Landing Zones and Shell Doors (Port and Starboard) – Easy storage of your personal gear and direct access to zodiacs for fast and easier boarding
  • 26 member Expedition Team
  • Two six guest submarines
  • A number of other accessories, the use of which is dependent on the location of the expedition, including:
  •      24 Zodiacs
  •      Kayaks
  •      Mountain bicycles
  •      e-Bicycles
  •      SCUBA diving
  •      Snorkeling

The Expedition Lounge (above), with its two touchscreens (navigation and weather charts, etc.), bar and lounge areas is the hub of the Seabourn Venture where guests gather before and after their expeditions.

Seabourn Venture’s Discovery Center

The Discovery Center with its 32 foot wide and 8 foot high high definition video display is where the Seabourn Ventures team will hold its briefings and lectures and special guests will hold their Seabourn Conversations.  One very cool feature is that the daily submarine voyages will be shown so that those who were not submariners that day can truly appreciate the underwater world that surrounds them.

Seabourn Venture’s Landing Zone

The Landing Zone is where guests will “gear up” with their stored personal items (rubber boots to snorkels and fins, etc.) and then be able to clean them so they are ready for the next day.  Once geared up the guests are, in small groups, escorted down one deck to the Deck 2 Shell Doors and directly onto the zodiacs waiting for them.

Seabourn Venture’s Atrium

There is more to come, including the popular Seabourn Square, multiple dining venues, the various all-veranda oceanfront suites, spa and, without limitation, outdoor deck areas.

In the meantime, it is a big world out there and waiting around for a new ship is not the way to see it!  If you are interested in a Seabourn Expedition cruise with the Seabourn Ventures team now or in 2020, give me a call, drop me an email or send me a Facebook message!

US: (877) 2GO-LUXURY (877-246-5898)
UK: 020 8133 3450
AUS: (07) 3102 4685
Everywhere Else: +1 530 562 9232

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