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Goldring to Co-Sponsor American Superyacht Forum’s Sportfishing Event

For the second year in a row, I am – through my law firm Goldring & Goldring, P.A. co-sponsoring the Sportfishing Event at the American Superyacht Forum which this year is being held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

You can read more about this year’s event here:  http://www.superyachtevents.com/asf/asf2012/ and watch a short video of last year’s event:

Aside from my over three decades working in the superyacht industry from lawyer to yacht builder to charter agent to crossover-to-the-cruise industry specialist, I find this industry fascinating because it is a great combination of small business, huge investments, the newest technologies and an old-school environment all nicely tied together with one of the most multinational/multicultural group of people you can find anywhere.

But where I have found my love of the water and boats/yachts/ships all converge is with travel.  Becoming one of the old guys (does elder statesman sound better?) I often struggle with how yachting started out this people who loved to plot courses, find that small cove that nobody goes to, and to cruise for hours on end…and turned into a who has the largest, fanciest, yacht that they spend – if they are really lucky – four weeks a year on and usually arrive via air at or near the yacht’s destination.

Yes, times have changed, but one of my loves remains a part of the American Superyacht Forum:  Fishing! 

Now I need to figure out how not to wind up with another large hammerhead shark that I didn’t even catch. 

Last year I wound up with just such a fish and it now graces a wall in my conference room. 

Possibly less beer and more fishing?  Why yes, that should do it!

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