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How To Prove A Point About Frank Del Rio, Sr. and NCL’s Ridiculous Banning of Food To Drive Up Revenue: Blame The Passengers

Last week I wrote an article,

How Frank Del Rio, Sr. and the “New” Norwegian Cruise Line Abuse Their Passengers – IT IS ENOUGH

and the reaction from both cruise passengers and industry insiders was essentially, “How could you say that, but we are glad you did!”
Well today I received a link to a YouTube video that actually proves my point (albeit it occurred on a Carnival ship, rather than an NCL one).  It is a couple of drunk guys ordering everything off of the room service menu.  If you like you can skip to the end…which makes the point:
What you see is a pile of empty plates and trays stacked in the hallway (noting all the food was eaten by these guys and their friends).  Yes, that’s right the unsightly mess was from room service; not people bringing food back to their cabin (as Frank Del Rio, Sr. supposedly asserted. Or was it just a play to grab more money from NCL passengers?)

Now do I think NCL’s charging $7.98 would prevent this sort of thing?  Absolutely not.  In fact, if people like this paid $7,98 they probably would feel they had the right to leave the room service trays outside their doors!  (Personally, I don’t get it.  I wouldn’t subject people to my dirty dishes and would call for them to be picked up, but that is me.)

So after trying to rip off the NCL passengers by the charging $7,98 and then banning food from being removed from any venue to force more people into getting room service, Frank Del Rio, Sr., had a problem and he sent NCL’s new CEO…and nice guy, Andy Stuart, to literally clean it up!

The solution:  Drop the ban and have the staff patrol the hallways for trays and dishes…like they should have been doing all along.

Did I say anything wrong?  Didn’t think so.

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