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I Need Honesty! Do You Think Iamboatman Is Full Of It?

As I write the glowing reviews of the Seabourn Sojourn (abeit it my “Hits and Misses” yet to come!), I wonder if the perception is that I am being less than honest, or am being honest but biased, or am just full of it. 

So on The Gold Standard Forum I have posted a thread with a poll seeking candid input.  You can find it here:  I Need Honestly. Do You Think I Am Full Of It?  The question I posed is as follows: 

As I have been writing the travelogue of the Inaugural and Maiden Voyage of the Seabourn Sojourn. While I honestly have done my best to be as objective as possible, do you really think I am telling the truth or do you think I am coloring things because I want to sell more cruises or have my bread better buttered?D o you think there is a better way for me to relay the information so it appears more objective? As I am asking for your honesty about my honesty, if you are more comfortable, use the Anonymous posting option if you so desire.

You do not need to be worried about being personally attacked if you blast me, call me out or compliment me.  On The Gold Standard Forum such conduct is not permitted…especially by me.

The reason for my asking is to improve what I do.  So I am encouraging you to criticize me!  (OK, if you want to tell me you like what I do, I won’t be upset.)

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