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NCL’s Suites – They Are Not Luxury…They Are Excuses To Charge Extra For What Should Be Included

As you know I have lots of issues with Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL’s) ship-within-a-ship concept.  Beside the curious décor and the feeling of being trapped in a small area or else being overwhelmed with huge mass market throngs of people, there is a new reason.

Seatrade reports that NCL has announced that its passengers (not “guests”) can now choose from a selection of luxurious baths drawn by their butlers. The new ‘Butler Bath’ menu includes a beverage selection and is available in all of its suites, including those in The Haven.

That sounds OK, but then there is the catch:  It’ll cost you.  And it will cost you a lot!  The “Mediterranean Soak” which includes French verbena bubbles, a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne and sturgeon caviar costs $499!

Seriously, I can offer you a cruise on Seabourn, Silversea, or Crystal with a per day cost for the cruise at significantly less than that and you will receive the same (OK, different champagne) for less money.

But, as you know, the little things always catch my eye.  When NCL feels compelled to let you know that the caviar it is serving is “sturgeon” you know the rest of what you are being served is not exactly top shelf.  Folks, if the fish eggs in front of you are not from a sturgeon it is called “roe”; not “caviar”.

I wonder, does NCL give you real champagne glasses or are they plastic?

Honestly, if you are interested in a luxury experience that includes a luxurious bubble bath, quality champagne and caviar, you need to look to one of the luxury cruise lines.  You will find there is not only a much higher quality of service and cuisine throughout the ship, but a far better value for your cruise dollar.

Don’t believe me, give me a call and I will do the math for you!  (877) 2GO-LUXURY or email me at eric@goldringtravel.com

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