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Newest Seabourn Sale – I Am NOT Impressed

You are going to see lots of promotions for next week. Take a Seabourn cruise for as low at $1,345.00. Before you get all excited, this price is for one five day cruise and the number of cruises included are actually very limited.

And if you really look at the pricing, even the itineraries are good, but the concept of Seabourn giving away cruises is just misleading…and I don’t like it.

Here are the details…and if it works for you great:

The sale starts on Monday, July 13 and the ends on Monday, July 20.

Seabourn Legend
11/23/2009 14 days Ft. Lauderdale to Caldera, Costa Rica from $3599
12/07/2009 14 days Caldera, Costa Rica to Ft. Lauderdale from $3599
03/20/2010 5 days St. Thomas to St. Thomas from $1499
03/25/2010 7 days St. Thomas to St. Thomas from $1999

Seabourn Spirit
11/15/2009 12 days Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale from $2765
12/16/2009 5 days St. Thomas to Ft. Lauderdale from $1349

Seabourn Pride
02/13/2010 14 days Singapore to Hong Kong from $4999
02/27/2010 14 days Hong Kong to Singapore from $5249
03/13/2010 14 days Singapore to Hong Kong from $5249

Seabourn Odyssey
11/28/2009 12 days Ft. Lauderdale to Ft. Lauderdale from $3999

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