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Paul Motter/CruiseMates on the Seabourn Sojourn: The Arrogance of Ignorance

Paul Motter continues to amaze with what, in my opinion, is his buffoon-like behavior.  It is, in short, nothing more thanThe Arrogance of Ignorance”.

It is so clear to anyone who has ever been on Seabourn that this imbecile (just my opinion, of course) is so out of his league that it embarrassing to watch and you can only feel sorry for the staff and crew on the Seabourn Sojourn because no matter what happens, no matter what they do, it will never be right in his perverted eyes.

There is a reason that Seabourn has been voted by its guests the Best Luxury Cruise Line, the Best Small Cruise Ship Line, etc. by the readers of Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure, etc. and even on Cruise Critic the omni-present complainers focus on such minor issues as the complimentary wine selection or how they feel one particular person’s alleged issues should have been handled by Seabourn’s main office.

And, alas, there is a reason or reasons why Paul Motter so negative.  Since I last wrote, he complained that Restaurant 2 would not accommodate his wife’s “no sugar, no gluten, vegetarian” requirements.  Considering Restaurant 2 has a fixed tasting menu consisting of multiple small courses served simultaneously, all I can say, is “How absolutely arrogant and inconsiderate not only of the Seabourn staff, but every other person dining in Restaurant 2 that evening!  Everyone’s experience needs to stop so that Paul Motter can have what he wants even though it is absolutely inappropriate for that venue.”  (See the menu below and you will instantly know what I mean.)

Oh, but even when Seabourn bends over backwards to appease this prig and tries to figure out how to time the dinner so that his oppressive demands do not totally disrupt the galley’s presentation of the actual Restaurant 2 menu to every other guest by asking him to arrive at 8:00 p.m. that becomes an issue as well.

But then, the ungrateful ignoramus (again, my opinion) finds out that he missed the Chef’s Dinner and that – OMG – lobster is being served and nobody told him, he goes on yet another tirade.  Yes, I tirade.  The Chef’s Dinner is not shown anywhere.  How would he have known?  It is Seabourn’s fault.  (Note:  There is silence from everyone else on the ship; not a complaint to be heard.  Motter even admits everyone else is very pleased with their Seabourn cruise.)

Well, if Paul Motter had been doing what “journalists” (that’s what he claims to be) do, he would be reading everything placed in his suite.  On Seabourn, every single night…that is every single night…the menus of what will be served for dinner in the four main dining venues  is placed in every guest’s suite along with the Seabourn Herald.

Here is an example for the evening of the Chef’s Dinner on my Seabourn Sojourn cruise for the evening of September 27, 2011:

You will remember that Motter previously complained that The Restaurant’s menu provided only a starter and a main course – far too light for him – every evening.  However, this particular evening it is very clear that there were nine (9) courses and that there is only one selection, to wit:  the main course (with a vegetarian option…that if he asked in advance in the morning could have been prepared gluten free!)  (You will also see the menu for Restaurant 2 and the fact that it is clearly not a menu that can be easily – if ever – adapted to a “no sugar, no gluten, vegetarian” diet.)  Yes, folks, the menu for both restaurants is on the same page…the same page…and this pathetic alleged cruise journalist couldn’t see or figure it out..or even determine he just might want to ask a question!!!

Motter, not being done with his complaining, then says his Restaurant 2 dinner was fantastic, but goes on to complain that after all of that it wasn’t so bad because Seabourn’s fresh lobster wasn’t served as a whole lobster (tails only) and that according to an alleged yachtsman (is that a 30′ or 150′ foot yacht owned by a lawyer, doctor or accountant…as opposed to someone that actually knows) the tails were so small he didn’t think they could be legal. However, see the photos below.

Let’s remember this guy was complaining that Seabourn’s menus were so limited he has been forced to eat lobster every day.  Name one other cruise line that could even have that as an option?  (BTW, he also complained that the lunches in one venue were themed every day, so I am not getting his whole limited menu thing, but I digress….after showing you a typical lunch salad “buffet” in The Colonnade:

But let’s also remember I was just on the ship with the same provisioner providing lobster and this is actually the size of the lobsters and some of their preparations (with tuna on the right):

There you go Fox New Business:  Fair and Balanced!

For everyone else:  Who do you want to get your cruise information from?  Be wary of The Arrogance of Ignorance.

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