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Science Responds to Needs of Goldring Travel Food & Wine Cruises on Seabourn!

I was reading my daily email from The American Scientist and, when I saw the two articles one right after the other, I thought of our recent Food & Wine Cruise:

Scientists to Measure Effects of Earthquakes on Acropolis
from the Chicago Tribune (Registration Required)

ATHENS, Greece (Associated Press)—For thousands of years the Acropolis has withstood earthquakes, weathered storms and endured temperature extremes, from scorching summers to winter snow. Now scientists are drawing on the latest technology to install a system that will record just how much nature is affecting the 2,500-year-old site. They hope their findings will help identify areas that could be vulnerable, allowing them to target restoration and maintenance. Scientists are installing a network of fiber optic sensors and accelerographs—instruments that measure how much movement is generated during a quake.

Persistence Pays Off With New Drug for Gout
from the (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer

The line of work Dr. Mike Hershfield has pursued for most of his 32-year research career at Duke University is basically scientific social service. He adopts orphans. Specifically, he takes on so-called orphan diseases—afflictions so rare that the big pharmaceutical companies have no financial incentive to develop treatments. Hershfield and his team at Duke are among more than a dozen research groups at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and private biotech companies in the Research Triangle Park area that have contributed to a wave of new treatments for people suffering from diseases such as immune disorders, rare cancers and cystic fibrosis. Each disease afflicts fewer than 200,000 Americans, but all the orphan diseases added together strike an estimated 25 million. http://snipurl.com/4xo11

Yes, during the 2008 Goldring Travel Food & Wine Cruise on Seabourn we marveled at the Acropolis and truly overindulged ourselves with Seabourn’s incredible food…not to mention our little Food & Wine tasting.

So we now know that science is working to preserve the antiquies…and our big toes!

I am working on special plans for our 2009 Seabourn cruise, including a complimentary Ensemble Experience in Kotor, Montenegro (a UNESCO World Heritage site), but I just found the order of above articles too funny not to pass on right away.

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